Forgive Me, Reader, For I Have Sucked

I almost wrote about my allergies today. (Allergies!?) I don’t usually post on Saturdays and Sundays, so it’s no big surprise it’s 7:07 a.m. and I was sitting here staring at a blank screen, flashing curser blinking as if to say, “What now?…What’s it going to be?…Why aren’t you writing?…Your podcast sucks!”

I won’t subject you to a rant about allergies. (As if the majority of the population is fond of allergies and my opinion is unique.) I’m posting randomly throughout the day to makeup for lack of one coherent post. It’s a viral video day. It’s post-a-link-to-an-article-I-found-fascinating day. It’s a feel-genuinely-bad-about-not-posting-so-post-other-stuff day.

Sorry if I have failed you, loyal TMT reader.

I’ll be more than happy to take suggestions on what I should be writing about. Just post in the comments section. I’m running short on ideas. The more, the merrier. I don’t want to go out of business.

2 thoughts on “Forgive Me, Reader, For I Have Sucked

  1. Hi Miller Time,
    Great writing, I wish you all the best with it. Let me know when you are back in Minnesota.

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