Episode 2 – The Power of PHAME

Ben Landsverk, choir director for PHAME, works with a student in preparation for their upcoming show, Once Upon a Mattress.

Last Saturday, I attended a rehearsal for the Pacific Handicapped Artists, Musicians and Entertainers (PHAME) in preparation for their upcoming performance of the musical Once Upon a Mattress.

While PHAME students were busy executing lines, learning choreography and hitting the high notes, I had a chance to learn more about the organization. These performers are dedicated, hardworking and focused. In PHAME, they’ve found a place to learn and grow in the performing arts:

Once Upon a Mattress opens Saturday, June 12 at Portland Community College.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 2 – The Power of PHAME

  1. Wonderful podcast, Andrew! Thanks so much for your interest in PHAME. For all you readers and listeners out there, “Once Upon A Mattress” runs June 12-13 at PCC-Sylvania. Tickets ($17-$20) go on sale May 12, at phameacademy.org – thank you!

  2. I enjoyed the podcast about PHAME Academey. My son has been a member of the academy for 7 years. It does enrich his life in so many ways. The students have so much in common. They LOVE music and theatre. Not only do they love it, they are incredibly knowledgeable about music. Thanks to PHAME they know about every musical there is. They are very motivated when presented with a new song or dance to learn. My son loves to share with PHAME teachers and students the composers he likes. He has found people that are interested in the same “stuff” as him! Thanks for the podcast Andrew!

  3. Andrew … thank you for both your interest and your report on PHAME Academy. I’m so happy when I realize more and more people are realizing how fantastic our special people indeed are. With encouragement and love – you receive back great talent that could have remained hidden, along with genuine happiness and love in return.

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