Someone Please Feed 50 Cent!

I’ll admit, I’ve been downing Slim Fast for lunch for the past few days. I’d like to get back down to 205 pounds or so. Maybe I should try the 50 Cent diet:

According to, Curtis Jackson a.k.a. 50 Cent went from 214 pounds to 160 for his upcoming role in Things Fall Apart, where he plays a football player with cancer. For nien weeks, 50 went on a liquid diet while walking three hours per day on a treadmill.

This has got to be the most shocking weight loss for a movie role we’ve seen since Christian Bale in The Machinist:

For his part, Bale went from 182 pounds to 120 by consuming nothing but a can of tuna and an apple each day for several months. When shooting wrapped, Bale put on 85 pounds for his role in Batman Begins. On his major weight loss, Bale said:

“I wouldn’t want to take it to that extreme again, because firstly, it was necessary to lose weight for that role – not as much as I did – but it was a challenge mentally to see if I was capable of doing such a thing.”

You know what I find mentally challenging? Not eating a square of Portland Coffee Cake from Starbucks every morning. Looks like I’m about to lose that one, again. I  leave you with this one question: If for some reason your job required sudden major weight loss, would you be willing to go through with it or would you move on to the next opportunity?

7 thoughts on “Someone Please Feed 50 Cent!

  1. Well, Fifty is certainly not going to beef his street cred with that look, but I give him props for doing such a thing for a role.

    Myself, well, I would love to do some serious weight loss, period: I’m a 200-lb 32-year-old with a self image stuck at 142-lb 18-year-old. Not gonna happen, but I keep hoping to at least split the diff, and maybe get some pipes and pecs going in the process. But if the Catholic Church (my current and long-term employer) needed me to go all death-camp-chic for some reason, I would probably be game, provided it didn’t undermine my ability to do things like care for my family or walk up the stairs to home and work.

  2. Christian Bale’s look in that movie was just awful. I don’t know if I’d be able to loose that much weight. But I think if I had to do it for a job, I would at least try my best to succeed. I like challenges and see how mentally strong I can be. Always good to know where your limit is.
    Anyway, 50cent really looks sick

  3. A few pounds, yes, but never to that unhealthy end. They are starving themselves to death because obviously they are still alive, but their bodies are going to go through shock for the flux in nutrients. The body thrives on consistency which would be the opposite of how Christian Bale went from 182 to 120 then back up and then some.

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