The Coolest Intern Hiring Process Ever

While I’m sad to report I didn’t get a chance to interview for the Star Tribune apprenticeship I’d applied for, now I’m waiting to hear back from a public relations firm in Minneapolis that just may have the coolest hiring process ever.

Fast Horse Inc., whose client list includes Coca-Cola and BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota, asked applicants for their summer internship to submit a video cover letter and resume. The video, in less than three minutes, was to demonstrate creativity, personality, initiative and je ne sais quoi. Once three finalists are selected, their profile will be posted on The Fast Horse Experience fan page on Facebook where Fast Horse fans will vote for the winner.

What does this mean? It means if I make the cut — and I should know in the next 36 hours — it’s up to me to pull votes with a wicked effective social media campaign. Truth be told, I haven’t campaigned for anything since student council my freshman year of high school. Back then, “Facebook” was two random nouns combined to form complete nonsense. Heck, blogging was still cutting edge. That was pre-9/11! (OK, you get it.)

For you skeptics out there, yes, this internship search could equate to a popularity contest. Keep in mind, though, that Fast Horse Inc. isn’t looking for a surgeon or a lawyer, but a public relations intern. What better way to exemplify your talent with social media tools and building hype than selling the product you know best?

I’ve got several ideas brewing if I make the cut, but here’s where things get interesting: Someone’s going to do something crazy. It’s bound to happen. I’m sure the other internship candidates are well aware of what goes viral and what doesn’t. For instance, the other night, sitting at Safeco Field, I briefly considered running onto the field with my Flip, where I would record why I’m qualified for the internship before field crew Tasered or tackled me. I didn’t act on this impulse, but I’m also somewhat rational. Somewhat.

In what amounts to a viral campaign, the reward being an internship and a possible long-term employment in this bear of a job market, it’s hard to say what qualifies as going “too far.” Here’s what I do know: I’ve fallen in love with Fast Horse Inc. by way of their blog. “Work Hard, Play Hard” is their gospel. They’re idea people. They’re my kind of people. (And I mean that so sincerely, I used italics.)

It’s too early to say if I’ll get a chance to campaign my arse off, but this hiring process has been a huge pick-me-up after the Star Tribune opportunity fell flat. What I wouldn’t give to work with people who inspire me in an environment where I’d not only be encouraged to write, but I’d be paid for it. Boo-yah!

Check back tomorrow. There’s a good chance I might need your vote. In the meantime, check out The Fast Horse Experience fan page. If I’m lucky enough to become a finalist, I’ll need your help!

2 thoughts on “The Coolest Intern Hiring Process Ever

  1. Good luck Andrew!!!!!!!!! I’m hoping you make the cut b/c I know your fans will work as hard at helping you win as we did for an autographed box of triscuits!

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