Let the Campaign Begin!

I’ve always been put off by Oscar or Grammy winners who get up on stage and start accepting their award as “we,” even if it’s just a single person standing at the podium. We did it! They go on to thank the dozens of people who helped the nail a scene or score a hit single, and then it becomes clear the artist, alone, did very little. Why should they get all the credit?

I bring this up because … we did it! I got word from Fast Horse Inc. yesterday I’m a finalist for their summer intern search. I’m 100 percent convinced I wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity if not for you making my blog (somewhat) successful. Writing is, truly, the easy part. Dragging your eyes over 500 words of banality on a day-to-day basis? Now that’s something. Give yourself a pat on the back.

What now? Well, starting Monday, I’ll be facing off against two other finalists to earn the most votes via Fast Horse Inc.’s Facebook page. In the meantime, I need to rally your support. Here’s part of my campaign game plan:

This also means I’ll be using TMT to generate votes. So, say hello to the Andrew Miller for the Fast Horse Inc. Summer Internship campaign homepage! (I swear this will all be over soon.)

I’ve never really campaigned or been a part of an election, even a de facto one. I always thought I’d be sheepish in such a situation, but look at what I have to gain — a sweet internship, which could turn into a job!

So, I need you. Come Monday — and don’t think you won’t be hearing more about it then — I need help garnering as many votes as possible. It’s simple. It’s free. It’s a very real way to help fight unemployment.

TMT will return to its regularly scheduled programming after next Friday. Until then, I hope you’ll join my campaign for Fast Horse Inc. Summer Intern, if only because you love a guy who severely injured his tongue eating Sour Patch Kids last night.

5 thoughts on “Let the Campaign Begin!

  1. How about you give me a simple link and I’ll copy and paste it as my facebook status and leave it up for the week. Also good luck dude!

  2. We should all make youtube videos pledging our support and post them on our social media outlets.

    I could talk my 6-year-old daughter into doing a shoot! Everybody loves kids…especially those are are exploited*! AM I RIGHT?!?!?!

    * Please see: Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff and all the “young cousins” from those shows that used to have kids but they got old….like The Cosby Show.

  3. Or we could subject you to a video-captured game of PG-13 Truth or Dare to garner support and votes. I’m just really feeling the “video” thing is the way to go here.

    I’m excited. I like campaigns.

    • Cute children to Truth or Dare…that about rounds out both ends of the spectrum. I’ll be making some basic videos pleading my case and I’ll make sure there easy to Share on Facebook. I appreciate the support and enthusiasm, Mike!

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