If I Win the Fast Horse Inc. Intern Search

If history has taught me anything, it's this: It ain't over until it's over.

With just about eight hours to go in the Fast Horse Inc. summer intern search, I’m holding a sizable lead of 703-395-310. It’s too early for any victory celebration, but I wanted to take a second to talk about what this internship would mean to me.

When my girlfriend and I moved to Portland last summer, I was unemployed for three months. All the while, I was interviewing with the company I’m currently working for, but those three months really put things in perspective. Luckily, I’d saved enough money before moving to pay for necessities. Also, my girlfriend found work right away, so she paid for the few nights out we enjoyed living in a new city. But really — it was a rude awakening.

We decided we needed to move back to Minnesota when we went home for Christmas. The distance from friends and family was too much to bear. Our first cross-country move really informed this one, and rather than worry about finding the perfect apartment, I was more concerned about finding a job. I didn’t want to spend significant time unemployed again.

My mentor, Ellen Mrja, an associate professor of mass communications at my alma mater, brought the FHI internship to my attention. At first, it seemed daunting: Cut a three-minute video cover letter showing creativity, initiative, personality and je ne sais quoi. I’ve got a face for radio and a voice for print, so this opportunity seemed dead on arrival.

Fast Horse liked my video and this earned me an interview via Skype. That went well, too, apparently. When I found out I was a finalist, I was more excited by the opportunity to use social media and campaign. I thought it would be … fun? And it has been, albeit exhausting. I’ve had a nice lead the whole week, but never once feel safe. Even writing this, I’m still concerned.

If I earn this opportunity, it means I was able to find employment 1,700 miles away … without an unemployment gap … in an unsavory job market … with an English degree.

If. It’s not over. I can’t wait until it is. Check back tonight. If I win, I’m posting a video before any celebration. I’ve got many, many people to thank!

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