How You Made Me a Fast Horse

Well, it’s official — I got the Fast Horse Inc. internship thanks to the 725 people who “Liked” my video on Facebook. For those of you who didn’t get to see it:

I’ll never be able to give each one of those people a proper thanks, but I intend on taking full advantage of this opportunity to prove them right.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran a story on the front page of the business section today.  (You can read it here.) The reporter, Molly Young, portrayed the intern search as a popularity contest where he/she with the most Facebook friends was guaranteed victory. I disagree. This was about engaging people and moving them to action. I don’t know everyone who took the time to “Like” my video. In fact, I don’t know the majority of people who voted for me. (See the list of voters below.)

I think I won because 1. I had a more active network and 2. I allowed people who’ve never met me to know me. Let me explain:

  1. There were several people in my network — you know who you are — that sent messages, posted status updates, tweeted, retweeted, made YouTube videos with voting instructions and forwarded e-mails to everyone in their contact list. I assumed I had fewer Facebook friends than my opponents (359 as of last Sunday),  so I relied on involving and engaging friends and colleagues to pass the word on to their much larger networks.
  2. I utilized my blog, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to comment on the search throughout the week. I tried to follow up each Like with a thank-you of some sort, but it wasn’t always possible. From the initial video cover letter to a video I made during halftime of Game 7 Thursday night, the point was to be myself, even to people who’ve never met me. I wanted people to feel invested in the outcome.

I raved about the process in my interview with Ms. Young. Unfortunately, the quote she plucked was in response to the exhaustion I felt on Friday with just a few hours remaining. The result:

Prior to the NFL Draft, hundreds of the best players in the country go to Indianapolis for what’s known as “the combine.” There, they are tested for strength and ability through a series of rigorous testing as coaches and general managers decide whether a player is right for their team. In a way, this past week was like a social media combine. If I didn’t have a grip on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or blogging, I never stood a chance.

The truth is I enjoyed every part of this process. That’s easy to say because I won, sure, but even if I had lost, I could have accepted it knowing someone else outwitted me, one way or another.

I want to thank each of you who voted for me this past week. I’ll be starting work on July 12 so my girlfriend and I have a busy couple weeks to move from Portland to Minneapolis. In case I don’t get to see you or talk to you soon, know I’m blown away by your willingness to help me out. Without further ado:

FACEBOOK FRIENDS WHO VOTED FOR ME: Jeremiah Graves, Amanda Junson, Deborah Patnode, Kelly Beck, Alex Shepp, Drew Koch, Paul Althaus, Ryan Schneider, Tim Miller (Dad), Dustin Bohn, Franny Delaney, Emily Herman, Angie Johnson, Molly David, Cammi Kennedy, Ashley Forde, Nick Weixel, Liz Carlson, Gerrick Kennedy, Andrew Kuklinski, Katie Thran, Nate Brennan, A.J. Jackson, Bronson Pettitt, Mitch Boots, Kirby Hurd, Toye Ogundepo, Paige Schuette, Jake Fredrickson, Kassie Ellsworth, Annie Youngers, Megan Lauer, Sam Pond, Nicole Smith, Noel Costumbrado, Marty Deslauriers, Jake Helms, Joshua Gates, Trevin Larsen, Micalann Pepe, Nicole Goulet, Jenny Keilholz, Xan Harwood, Chris Whitfield, Anna Voltmer, Bobby Bruinsma, Breanna Bishop, Jessica Kiner, Jeff Thurn, Emily Small, Ashley Sandborn, Dana Clark, Bill Boegeman, Colin Brower, Ariel Slater, Alli Downs, Chris Frederick, Megan Killoran, Rachel Ryan, Erin Kopp, Justin Vogel, Dusty Cole, Nolan Henning, Katrina Johnson, Tyson Dull, Sarah Margelofsky, Marcus Schoepp, Travis Kaiser, Lisa Ellis, Natasha O’Hara, Amy Esser, Devin Gasswint, Justin Schwanz, Jamie Vogt, Christina Ahrendt, Brittney Hansen, Nellie Hanson, Maria Hix, Shannon Gima, Brandon Hughson, Tiffany Moe, Kayla Ashland, Adam Bibbs, Garret Felder, Kirsten Masker, Joe Ashmore, Ross Menke, Dan DeWolf, Cassie Jones, Danitra Winter, Angela Noble, Emily Stradcutter, Ben Bode, Dominique Rastrelli, Mike Hohag, Cori Birkholz, Amanda Stephen, Korie Chung, Amy Eckert, Joe Eckert, Cory Williamson, Jeremy Hoeck, Jen Kolb, Kacy Wothe, Mandy Dahms, Dan Myers, Jen Dalien, Annie Nolte, Molly Hughson, Traci Christianson, Alex Costumbrado, Stephanie Fish, Kellie Bigham, Caroline Kornowicz, Anitra Zaske, Jesse Pfeiffer, Jonny Christensen, Amber Statz, Liz Wilts, Aaron Zaske, Sarah Molitor, Katie Gilder, Mike Nelson, Elizabeth Small, Joel Dircks, Jacquie Devine, Troy Carillo, Jeremy Soupir, Tony Ufkin, Sam Wersal, Nick Dudgeon, Heather Johnson, Dave Juskelis, Brooke Anderson, Gretta Layman, Sarah Cutler, Stephen Bruhn, Angie VanEman, Christina Madson, Katie Miller (sister), Joe Small, Amy Engelhart, Andrew Brynjulson, Brock Asmussen, Tony Dickmeyer, Chuck Dahler, Mike Laue, Brielle Roggow, Kyle Ratke, Chewy McDermott, Robb Murray, Maryn Wilcoxson (cousin), Stephen Beaudoin, Tyson Wharton, Dana Croatt, Jared Hensch, Erica Grossman Kurtz, Derek Griesbach, Livia Lastine, Alysha Rose, Naomi Kotaniemi, Dan Dlugiewicz, Matt Hilger, Tom Froemming, Aldean Hendrickson, Micah Flanagan, Alyssa O’Banion, Michelle Bigaouette, Mel Bishop, Jamie Guderian, Emily Wilcoxson (cousin), Luke Hass,  Josh Leake, Lori Wilcoxson (Aunt), Todd Miller, Alicia DeHoogh, Melissa Johnson, Carol Keturakat, Alison Miller (Mom), Jan Small and Sandy Krumwiede (Grandma).

NON-FACEBOOK FRIENDS WHO VOTED FOR ME*: Alex Herzog, Wendy Wicks, Cynthia Burr Ramsey, Kristi Schiller, Kerry Drusch, Abby Staerkel, Jason Clements, Todd Kirkland, Maja Jacquietta Simone Cromwell, Jonathon Chu, Kaleo Napolean, Dani Arens, Kim TerMeer Schutte, Kay Despard, Ashley Zeeb, Amy Endres, Erin Kross, Margie Takash, Steve Raczynski, Rachel Houg, LuAnn Schmaus, Karen Phillips Speri, Erin Monson, Anita Dawn Prestidge, Gayle VerHey, David A. Williams, Meghan Fonseca, Danny Rohloff, Alanna Owen, Lacy Wilkins, Cheryl Peterson, Bry Rochelle, Tricia Fox Stearns, Maerin Coughlan, Katie Boswell, Monique Darton, Jolee Thurn, Sidney Jean Raczynski, Christine Lanoue-Landherr, Becky Noble, Megan Schwinger, Zach Wheeler, Jack Youlee, Brian Southwick, Beau Weise, Lauren Cooper, Danielle Bower, Jovan Hall, Joe Gardner, Beth Wittnebel, Jennifer Ludwig Heimer, Patricia Lund, Jessica Reinhart, Jessica Flannigan, Danielle Magnuson, Amanda Campbell Bethune, Marc Conklin, John Welbes, Mary Eckhardt, Courtney Waller, Jenna Ryan, Ryan Smallen, Eileen Smith, Mark Buche, Karla VanEman, Britta Peterson, Carrie Duncan, Aaron Hoehn, Jeromy Pankratz, Phil Wilcoxson, Lee Metzger, Hollie Campbell, Amy Miller, Elizabeth Scheidt, Samantha Young, Sarah Whalen, Lindsay Luchsinger, LeAnn Robbins, Tanya Johnson Christensen, Sarah Magnuson, Tarcy Thompson, Kandi Menne, Pam Manus Raeder, Kellie Van Deest Barickman, Paulina Kochanska, Merith Orlowski, Shalyn Davenport, Christina Earle, Julie Carlson, Danielle Lambert, Ben Matheson, Sue Martens, Brett Denman, Kale Riley, Brett Herzog, Joshua Eastman, Mary Anne Nolte, Joe Tougas, Michelle Sanko, Whitney Dunkle, Jennie Maag, Laura Denzer, Janelle Laurent, Rachel Olson, Kalin LeBrun, Mitch Anderson, Eric Laurvick, Elisha Peterson, Keri Tande Johnson, Tara Giese, Ashley Herzog, Jayme Schymanoske, Jodi Peterson, Haley Hamilton, Sara Bunkers, Joanne Noreen, Bryan Schmid, Whitney Fabro, Ashley Stiles, Danielle Sperling, Trenor Javurek, Judy Girard Meagher, Justine Laue, Adam Ernest, Jessica Schaffer, Carmen Roby, Angela Baker, Britt Ackerman, Brent Larson, Terri Wilson, Barbara Christen, Abby Guderian, Bruce Piotrowski, Chelsea Conover, Nate Armstrong, Ashley Houle, Dan Hawley, Kaila Pehl, Mary Ellen Taylor, Joe Wright, Jenna Luoma, Amber Monson Schaefer, Tamara Plumhoff, Nicole Kafka, Sarah Raml, Kayla Wirkus, Eve Gilder, Andrea Guetter, Alyssa Van Klei, Jenna Frantz, Nikke Bauer, Mark Fiddler, April Harris, Jen Guyer-Woods, Mary Ahrens, Nickie Harkema, Ovis Darts, Jennifer Stickley, Jared Aesoph, Mollie Jackson, Joy Marie Richter, Shelby Christopherson, Megan Wahl, Lindsay O’Neill, Megan Daymont Thomas, Taylor Morrow, Kristin Taylor, Phil Pederson, Josh Olson, Lynn Langner, Abby Shives, Eric Titze, Kim Stoner, Stephanie Anderson, Michelle Scholl Laven, Mykal Warne, Adam Bartels, Abbey Thompson, Dani Brown, Mark Conover, Erika Peterson, Elise Blickensderfer, Maddi Lynn Ahlness, Laura Guttum, Kari Heifort, Abby Taylor, Jennifer Hemmesch, Adrienne Olsen, Amanda Lee Kriesel, Graham Garner, Susa Marie Sitzmann, Cris Hanson, Jocelyn Zimprich, April Anderson, Cindy Sheehan, Kim Decker, Kelci Boniface, Lauren Brown, Casey Barnes, Ashley Lindquist, Keara Munson, Matt Hall, Nellie Pooler, Allison Janney, Casey Carmody, Brenna Maureen, Jordan Douglas, Jolene Tuschen, Lindsay Stroschein, Kim Tobin, Jenna Waltner, Abby Keller, Karen Snow, Christie Solomon Mullison, Kelly Mergen, Pierre Mina, Jackson Ray, Ashley Mikel, Kelsey Thompson, Chelsey Urbanski, Lanna Sengsouvanh, Matt Corners, Ryan Mountin, Tony Dupont, Chris McKeown, Tim Laubenthal, Keely Gerhold, Terry Vandrovec, Jaimie Bell, Roshal Franken, Kyle Frederick, Mollie Lee, Justine Hodne Mishek, Travis DeSmet, Crysta DeSmet, Katie Gleason, Jami Falk, Brennan Maloney, Nancy Carrillo, Jen Wersal, Kris Denevan, Sonia Gaardner Bury, Krisi Poe, Shelly Rogers, Olivia Williamson, Warren Blossom, Jacob Schuette, Lisa VanderWilp Gallo, Aaron Haddorff, Jennifer Dircks Dagner, Kevin Humbert, Betty Wright, Amanda Kotten, Amanda Peterson, Molly Kay Jones, David Nordgren, Amanda Nygaard, Thomas Williams, Jenna Steeby, Britta R. Moline, Melissa DeBoer, David Haskamp, Marcus Schmidt, Linda Helling, Amanda Hacker, Megan DeBoer, Travis Schmidt, Amy Metzger, Nicole Lecci, Howard Ramm, Katie Pyka, Darci Heald, Kristin Weatherly, Joan Kreger, Jere Solberg, Erin Guderian, April DeVille, Ben McGarry, Karla Boone, Sharon Rons, Katie Salsbery, Andrew Guderian, Katie Merrigan, Kori Edmonds, Ashley Nolte, Chris Rahm, Peggy Meinert Kinsey, Tamara Baugh, Liz Derrough, Kathleen Christianson, Caia Fredrickson, Chester Fredrickson, Joe Anderson, Cat Sloan, Ben Jensen, Jeff McHanson, Jodi Sutton, Roxan Brown, Matthew Criss, Ashley Beattie, Alison Schugel, Laura Elizabeth, Carrie Centlivre, Anna Kettwig, Scott Williamson, Mallory Vogel, Ashley Hancock, Amber Bowling, Erin Parsley, Dawn Evans, Jackie Johnson, Phil Johnson, Amanda Olson, Nancy Kueter-Johnson, Mark Easley, Greg Cowell, Peter Gelblum,

*=Due to certain individuals’ Facebook privacy settings, some Likes could not be identified.

14 thoughts on “How You Made Me a Fast Horse

  1. Well done.

    Molly picked a poor quote that only framed her argument, that’s a shame. It’s a slap in the face of our industry to think the Fast Horse campaign was simply a publicity stunt, or that it was inherently flawed.

    Hell, one of the girls went on the morning news to talk about it… you know either of the other two would have used the same resources to gain “likes” had they had the opportunity.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    I am glad you won. I am one of your non-facebook friends. I work in the Alumni Office here at MSU. I found out about the contest from Jim Gullickson at the radio station who asked me to put it up on the KMSU page, so I did. And because I work in alumni and what is good for an alum is good for MSU, I posted on my Facebook wall, posted on the Reporter wall, and we posted it on our official Alumni Association group page on Facebook and our LinkedIn group, easily reaching a couple thousand alumni that way. I’m not sure if Stacy Rust tapped into her alumni network, but I would think if she did, it might have been a tighter race, with U of Iowa having a much larger alumni base than MSU.

    Anyway, I am disappointed by the way the contest was portrayed in the Star Tribune. It is often said that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” when you go out there and find a job. Networking skills are considered so vital. So you tapped into your network, connected with the right people to spread your campaign and got the job. Isn’t that what politicians do? I really don’t see why that makes this process “unfair” or “not legitimate.” I am sure Fast Horse’s most ideal candidate (though I am sure they would have been happy with any of the finalists) would be an individual that would know how to leverage social media most effectively and generate the most buzz, and this contest was a perfectly legitimate and fair way to test that.

    The article also failed to credit Fast Horse for using this little manuever as a super clever and savvy way to raise awareness and buzz about their own company, vastly increasing the number of “likes” on their page with absolutely no direct marketing or effort on their part at all.

    Ultimately, the Star Tribune missed a real opportunity by not taking the article in a different direction and by failing to focus on the power of networking marketing through social media. Heck, if I wrote the article, I would have ended it with a nod and a wink with something like this: “Do you think using social media is an effective way to market yourself or your business? Visit our Facebook page and take a poll!”

    • Thank you for your support, Robyn. There’s been so much discussion in the past few days over the legitimacy of the race. I tend to think it was as fair as any hiring process, but I won. I wish FHI or Strib would’ve asked Molly and Stacy how they really felt about the contest sometime after they lost.

      I can’t wait to do right by everyone who voted for me. I look forward to getting back to campus now and then, as well. I owe a lot of good people, including yourself.

  3. Andrew,
    As one of your non-facebook friends who voted for you, I think the process worked just as it should for a marketing firm. Your video was brought to my attention by Todd Miller, and he asked that people on his friends list take a look at the Fast Horse page, and like the video of the person we thought would make the best candidate. He of course did nudge us in your direction, but left the choice to us. I diligently watched each video, and voted for the person I thought would make the best job candidate. It did turn out to be you.

    The danger that a person has to face when having a large, unconnected network working for them is this: they still have to have the goods to back up their request. I would not be held accountable to anyone for voting for someone other than who Todd thought I should vote for. The danger is that he brings the site to my attention, and I vote for someone other than who Todd wants. You turned out to be who I would have picked if I had stumbled across the site on my own. So, to the Star Tribune, I would say this, “Andrew had a great marketing plan backed up by solid performance.” My hat is off to you, good sir.

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