Pizza Diet? Wait, Isn’t That Called College?

Here we go again.

First, it was Jared and the Subway diet. Then it was Taco Bell and their batty Fresco Menu. Now, the pizza diet.

I’m both skeptical and emotional at once. If what the gentleman in the video says is true, I’m so on board. I’ve been sitting at 220-230 pounds for the past year, and I know I need to get under 200 pounds if I want to be here when the aliens land.

I’m willing to try this.¬†Maybe blog about it for a month. (Not everyday, just weekly.) Your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Pizza Diet? Wait, Isn’t That Called College?

  1. That, my friend, is all manner of crazy. So crazy, in fact, that it just might work.

    I totally agree with him that portion control is at the very root of eating problems in this country, and in theory a well-balanced (veggie-heavy) slice of pizza at regular intervals punctuated by an active lifestyle could well be a good way to go. But it’s not a magic pill, of course, and I can’t help but think of how easy it is to say “Oh, just one more slice…”

  2. I think if you eat one single type of food for 30 days, you will lose weight. It’s probably the pizza + bread sticks + dessert pizza + 2 liter pop that adds the pounds… it’s not the single food item that is making you fat, it’s a combination of foods that does the work.

    If I ate nothing but cake for 30 days I would probably lose weight. Or candy bars, or ice cream. But if I ate all 3 it might be a different story.

    But I agree that portion control is huge in dieting.

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