LeBron James: Rebuilding the King

I’ve been among the minority who’ve defended LeBron James’ decision — assuming it was his — to go on ESPN for a one-hour special to announce he’d no longer play for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

My logic is this: LeBron couldn’t just sign a contract with the Miami Heat and let it splash the media without his comment. At the very least, he needed a press conference, but that may have come off as insincere. The one-hour special was loaded with good intentions, the kind the road to hell is made of. The result was a gruesome train wreck, for sure, but I at least get where LeBron was coming from. You probably do. You didn’t like the charade, but you could see this was a difficult decision and he was brave for making it.

The City of Cleveland has endured its share of sports-related heartbreak in the past. That’s not LeBron’s fault. He wasn’t there when Art Modell packed up the Browns and moved them to Baltimore. He wasn’t there for Earnest Byner’s goal line fumble in the ’88 AFC Championship game. He wasn’t guarding Michael Jordan in the ’89 NBA Playoffs. Cleveland has no right to push past frustrations upon LeBron leaving. Frankly, they were lucky to receive his seven years of service.

I think the most interesting question now is how can LeBron James rebuild his image as a team player?

First, avoid public appearances like these:

LeBron’s made his share of commercial appearances in the past, most of which had some type of humorous bend. While it worked at the time, The King is now 25 years old, seven seasons into his career with no rings to show for it. Many look at his move to Miami, where he’s joining Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, as taking a shortcut to a championship. No one questions LeBron’s work ethic, but joining a super team such as the Heat weakens the comparisons to Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, who spent their whole career with one team.

Team LeBron needs to go back to the fundamentals on why he’s such a superstar. It starts with his offseason work ethic. LeBron’s offseason workout regimen is the stuff of legends. That should be good for a few commercials.

Then, go back to LeBron’s childhood when he was showing off his prodigious skills before scouts as early as 12 and 13. Pull clips of young LeBron, humble and composed, talking about his future in basketball.

Finally, use all of that highlight footage of LeBron making the extra pass to get his teammates involved. He is, bar none, the best passer in the league — not a common thread among players regarded as “selfish.”

His marketing team should focus on three keywords: Work. Win. We.

It may take some time to win back the Cleveland fans, but there are plenty of fans who would rather ditch the Cavaliers to follow the King than go out and buy a new Antawn Jamison jersey. To make the fans fall back in love with LeBron, tap into the things that made him great in the first place; his work ethic, his dedication to winning, his history as a team player.

The one-hour special is done. Let Cavs owner Dan Gilbert galavant all he wants while his team prepares for a 30-52 season. The King will be rebuilt. He’s too good not to remain one of the most respected players in the game.

5 thoughts on “LeBron James: Rebuilding the King

  1. If LeBron was there guarding Jordan in ’89, then there wouldn’t have even been a shot. Jordan would have been on the bench, enjoying a 30-point lead.

  2. Do you have the Heat pulling it all together in year 1 and winning it all? I don’t. Lakers have at least one more year.

    • At the very least, the Miami Heat have had the great offseason in professional sports. I mean, they get Da’sean Butler in the second round. With Miller, Haslem, Ilgauskas, they’ve got some nice role players. I think guys like Cook and Chalmers need to be great. We’ll see. I like the Lakers winning the West, easily. East is between Orlando and Miami.

  3. At the very least, this offseason made me care about the NBA for just a little bit. (I have the NBA lower than MLS on my sports list…seriously). I’m going back to not caring, but I was at least interested for a short period. The regular season starts next week right?

  4. Heat will glide through the regular season and playoffs easily and win the championship in 4 or 5 games. Cleveland posted the East’s best record 2 straight years with no Wade, no Bosh, and worse role players (Haslem > Varajeo; Miller > West.) Watch for the Heat to dominate this year unlike any team since the 95-96 Bulls. You heard it hear first. Go Wolves. Harrrooooooooooo!!!!

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