Minneapolis Instruction Manual

As I slowly transition this blog from it’s Portland roots to the Minneapolis scene, it’s only fitting I focus today’s blog on Vita.mn’s 2010 List of Lists. My girlfriend and I are still newbs to the scene, but these listens are generally given serious attention. So, here’s our instruction manual to the new city.
Short post today. I’m reserving brain space for a 7 p.m. viewing of Inception. Have a great weekend, folks.

3 thoughts on “Minneapolis Instruction Manual

  1. I hope your son looks just like this kid. I have a feeling he will. Let’s tackle a few lists together, eh? Namely, Nordeast Bars and Eat Street Restaurants.

  2. You need only do one thing: Get out of Minneapolis, visit St. Paul, go to the Nook and eat the best cheeseburger you’ll ever have. I recommend the Paul Molitor; it’s a juicy lucy stuffed with pepperjack cheese.

  3. My goal this summer is to explore all Mpls/St. Paul has to offer for as cheaply as possible. So much happens in the summer that it’s hard to keep up! Maybe I’ll see ya out there, Miller.

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