Why I’m Following Kanye West on Twitter

Kanye West joined Twitter yesterday. His fashionably late arrival was no mistake, either. In 24 hours, he amassed over 220,000 followers and dozens of news headlines, reaffirming that yes, timing is everything.

West’s late entry is by design and in support of his new album dropping in September. Roll your eyes at his antics all you want ā€” if you care at all about music, you’ll give his album a listen. Like any number of egoists before him ā€” Elton John, Bono, John Lennon ā€” it’s easy to put all the silly B.S. aside to focus on his musical brilliance. And make no mistake, West has made a career out of inexplicable stunts:

I suppose there’s something to be said for honesty, right?

I argue West is so far detached from reality, arguing for etiquette and decorum is a totally lost cause. So, like most of his fans, I just sit back, ignore his antics and wait for his new music. Would I want to be friends with West? No. Do I respect him? Hardly. And that’s fine, isn’t it? By all accounts, Vincent van Gogh was a jerk, but somewhere, this morning, a saintly second-grade teacher sips from coffee mug with a Starry Night print on it.

I’m excited West has joined Twitter because I’ve seen, time and time again, what he can do with four minutes of silence. He’ll find a way to innovate with 140 characters. Artists are judged on their ability to fill a space, cover a canvas or create a sound, all from nothing. I’m not saying West will create art with Twitter, but he might just be egotistical enough to try. That’s why more than 220,000 of us are following him.

One thought on “Why I’m Following Kanye West on Twitter

  1. kanyewest Sipping Molnar Family Poseidin’s Vineyard Chardonnay in the middle of the day sidebar out of gold cups for whatever that’s worth.

    kanyewest I think Twitter was designed specifically with me in mind just my humble opinion hahhhahaaaahaaa humble hahahahhahaahaaaa

    Cannot stand it anymore, I’m done following him.

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