When I Was a Minnesota Viking

Every few weeks, I write a blog post for Idea Peepshow, the official blog of Fast Horse Inc., the consumer marketing agency where I’m currently an intern. Today, I wrote about my experience working for the Minnesota Vikings in 2007:

The Minnesota Vikings open training camp today in Mankato, kicking off the franchise’s 50th season of existence. Even as the National Football League continues to grow and refine its product, training camp remains the most savory fan experience, and that’s not by accident.

I worked as an assistant to the Minnesota Vikings sales and marketing team during the 2007 training camp. (That had less to do with my qualifications and more to do with knowing the right people from Mankato and my alma mater, Minnesota State University.) Nevertheless, I was able to finagle my way into a 100-hour-per-week job, acting as a small, temporary cog for the well-oiled Vikings machine …

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One thought on “When I Was a Minnesota Viking

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