Favre From Over

Brett Favre is helped off the field during last season's NFC Championships Game against the New Orleans Saints. Lingering injuries from that game may prevent Favre from continuing his playing career.

“This is it.”

Doesn’t get much more ambiguous than that, does it? According to 723 sports media outlets, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre allegedly sent “This is it” in a text message to several teammates Monday night, which in overzealous-sportswriter terms for “I’m hanging up my cleats.”

We’ll see about that one.

If you care enough to read on, you’re familiar with Favre’s career, both on the field and off, which has been defined by his decision-making. (Or, in this case, his lack thereof.) I’ve become more pragmatic as a sports fans the past few years, looking at these situations not as an emotionally attached rube, but a practical human being. One couldn’t be further from the other. For instance, in the recent case of LeBron James leaving his de facto home team to play in Miami, I ask how would you feel being forced to work at your first place of employment until your 30s?

The problem is I’m having a harder time phrasing anything similar to Favre’s situation. Age aside, his quasi-retirement reminds me of my grandpa’s. After putting in three decades at a Ford dealership, the old man retired, but continued to work by delivering pharmaceuticals throughout South Dakota and Minnesota. He would wake at 4:30 a.m., read the paper, eat his breakfast and be on his merry way before the sun had risen. The moral of the story: Some people just don’t know what to do with themselves without work. Such is Favre.

I imagine Favre’s ankle really does hurt. A lot. As a 20-year veteran, he understands the importance of good health going into a grueling NFL season. The Vikings have upped the ante for Favre by offering nearly $7 million more atop the $13 million he was already owed for this season. The Vikings could return all 22 starters (including Favre) this year — an anomaly in the free agency era of professional sports. These facts, cobbled together in one messy paragraph, are the realities Favre faces as the media circus rolls on and Vikings fans wait with bated breath.

“This is it.”

So what’s “it” going to be, Brett?

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