Went Fishin’

As I wrote on Friday before leaving for northern Minnesota, to become a fan of fishing, three things needed to take place over the weekend:

  1. I needed to catch something edible that weighed more than three pounds.
  2. I needed to get said fish into the live well without puncturing a major artery, whether by hook or gill.
  3. I needed to clean said fish without vomiting all over myself.

Well, I caught a three-pound fish — a northern. Though edible to some, I ultimately tossed it back. However, I did clean a three-pound walleye my dad caught and I was gilled in the process. (Nothing serious.)

Bottom line: I’m itching to go back out. I don’t own so much as a fishing hook, but I’d love to make fishing my new hobby. For all the time I spend in front of computers, it was great to unplug and get out on a quiet, serene lake at dawn. I won’t Robert Frost you to death over it, but I can see myself becoming more outdoorsy after this fishing trip.

If you live in Minnesota and you’re looking for a fishing partner, hit me up. I swear I won’t subject your fish to a post-game interview.

2 thoughts on “Went Fishin’

  1. i don’t live in minnesota, but in holland, if u r looking for a fishing partner here, hit me up as well pls!:-) it was my hobby when i was a teen but mostly i was going to fishing in russia (khabarovsk) some time in omsk, in western siberia. when i was fishing last time? i don’t really remember!

    i just remember one guy from delfland, no 2 guys, they have got a very big fish, they showed a photo, it was maybe 10 kilos or so, i dont know.

    and as they were doing it because of just a sportive interest i suppose thay had to let it go back. hope the fish has survived, it was big enough:-) kind regards artie.

    ps sorry if my comment is against the topic!

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