Wireless Bike Share on the Way?

A few months back, Minneapolis bumped Portland as the No. 1 biking city in the United States. I haven’t spent nearly as much time on my bike since we’ve moved here, thanks in part to the sweltering humidity. Still, I see it. Minneapolis really is a better biking city.

One reason: Nice Ride MN, which is a non-profit organization support by Minnesota Blue Cross & Blue Shield. Nice Ride is a bike rental system with rows of bikes set up throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul. Users pay a small fee to borrow the bike. The only real stipulation is they must be returned to a Nice Ride rack. It’s a seamless bike share system, and although it’s not unique to the Twin Cities, you won’t find it in Portland.

There’s a similar program in New York that’s actually better. I haven’t used Nice Ride just yet, but my one gripe is the program β€” in its first year β€” lacks a mobile app to locate racks. That’s not the case in New York, where everything from location, rental fees and even locking are about to go wireless. That’s right β€” the whole rental process will be mobile-based. (Seriously, click the link. It’s a fascinating program.)

Few things get me more jacked on a civic level than cities providing alternative transportation options. Now, has anyone seen the hoverboard stand?

3 thoughts on “Wireless Bike Share on the Way?

  1. I have an extra Nice Rice MN trail map with rack locations. This good ol’ fashioned hard copy fits in your back pocket just like an iPhone! I’ll bring it over. Let’s try these babies out.

  2. Those bikes look really slick; modern, even. I hope they get the use to justify them, rather than just becoming really interesting public art.

    Now, not to brag, but even this humidity hasn’t kept me off MY two-wheeled ride up and down the hill to work. But then, I am pretty freaking awesome.

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