Two Blocks from Target Field

There's nothing better than watching a game at Target Field, but watching a Twins game from a neighboring bar ain't so bad.

One thing is true of Minneapolis in summer 2010: There’s no point in coming if you aren’t going to make it to a Minnesota Twins game.

OK, that’s not entirely true, but at least make an effort. Target Field was recently named the best stadium in North America by ESPN the Magazine if you need convincin’, but if you can’t afford to see a game — the tickets prices aren’t what they used to be at the Metrodome — try to watch the game from a neighboring downtown bar as my girlfriend and I did Friday night. My sister, Katie, and her boyfriend, Jake, were in town this past weekend for a wedding. Katie and Jake threw down $110 for two standing room tickets while Beth and I bellied up at the nearby Smalley’s 87 Club. In a word: Awesome.

There’s more to Target Field than just being at Target Field. The stadium has revitalized the downtown experience to where there’s now palpable excitement on game day, no matter if it’s April or August. Nearly every game has sold out and excited first-timers are filling the city with each home stand. Target Field is evidence of how a professional sports stadium can boost civic pride. Now, imagine if we could get a new place for the Minnesota Vikings …

Anyway, Beth and I sat outside of Smalley’s at the alley bar, where drinks were half off during the game and appetizers were just $3.99. The game was on every HDTV and each time the Twins scored or made a big out, you could hear the crowd roaring from two blocks away. After the Twins’ victory, fans filled the alleyway to watch post-game fireworks:

Another reason why it’s awesome to live in Target Field right now. The city is alive this summer, but the regular season ends in a month and a half. Have you made it to a game yet?

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