Introducing … Freestyle Friday

Flipping the script on Fridays at TMT. I think the following should explain itself:

Gluttony on the cheap.

My girlfriend and I along with another couple went to The Loop in the Warehouse District last night to catch their late happy hour ā€” two-for-one tap beers and half-off pizzas. When all was said and done, we’d ordered eight beers and seven pizzas. The total? A measly $63.

They can’t possibly have happy hour deals like these in other countries, can they? That’s the difference-maker whenever national obesity rates are released. Let’s be honest with ourselves and start calling it fatty hour.


I still like Kanye West’s tweets.

Sure, he’s tweeted 235 times about being in the studio recording the remix for “Power”, but if you can wade through the nonsense long enough, you’ll read a gem like this:

I consider myself pretty active on Twitter. In just over a year, I’ve tweeted 1,625 times. Kanye has 418 tweets in just over two weeks. Wow.


Huge Greek and Serbian basketball players fighting.

Nice little throw down at the Acropolis of Athens Tournament, easily putting to shame any NBA fight I can remember. Wait for the end of the clip when Serbia’s Nenad Krstic goes WWE with a chair:

Krstic plays center for the Oklahoma City Thunder. According to Tom Ziller of AOL Fanhouse, Krstic was held in jail overnight and faces “misdemeanor-level ‘sports violence’ charges which will likely carry a fine.”

I blame Bobby Knight.


NOTE: So, yeah, I’m planning turning Fridays into a smorgasbord of clips from the week, and I’d love user submissions. See a ridiculous story, video, photo, tweet ā€” send it this way. This thing will be much lengthier next week. Just a preview here.

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