Farewell, Football-Free Sundays

These are important men making important decisions for the Green Bay Packers in what's referred to ask "the war room." Fantasy sports exist because every man wants to do this and get paid for it. Instead, we pay to do it.

I don’t usually blog on Sundays, but I thought I would take the time to bid farewell to the last football-free Sunday until mid-February.

I’m going to miss the productivity, the possibilities and the occasional body movement. Thanks to Sunday Night Football, roughly nine hours — 12, if counting pregame shows — are consumed by football, meaning that lawn better mow itself.

And come football season, there’s no waking up on Sunday thinking, “Gee, what am I going to do today?” The only questions are “Where am I watching the game?” and “What will I eat?”

Sunday becomes Calorie Appreciation Day. I’m not much a church-going type, but it’s my understanding the Sabbath is for rest. The Lord wants us to watch football and not move. (So, you can whittle food options to anything that can be delivered.)

I’ve got my first fantasy football draft today. I failed Elementary Statistics two times in college before getting a D the third time. I may not know how to calculate standard deviation or slope, but I can explain how targets are critical in a PPR (point per reception) league. Fantasy sports are probably unjustifiable, but unlike roulette or craps, they require decision and foresight. Little is left to luck. That’s why we love fantasy football. All men want to be prescient in some way, preferably through sport. (Sorry, relationships.)

OK, time to bury myself in Football Outsiders. Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

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