Self-described “Peckerwood” Goes to Trial

I don’t really know how to introduce this, so let’s dive right in. Here’s a portion from a story by Dan Nienaber in today’s Mankato Free Press:

MANKATO — Facing a new felony drug charge, a 43-year-old Mankato man reached what was described by a judge as a “global” plea deal Tuesday for that charge and others related to racial threats.

Dale Raymond Maxson Jr., a self-described “peckerwood,” was released from jail after his plea hearing because he is expected to be sentenced to time served. That was after he admitted to using racial slurs while threatening a former boss and another man during two separate incidents.

Maxson was working at the FLS-DCI call center in Mankato on May 23, making donation calls for Republicans, when he was fired for smoking marijuana on the job. As he was leaving, he approached a supervisor and said, “I’m a true peckerwood and I will have you killed (racial slur).”

That incident was reported, but no charges were filed until July 8, which was after another person reported he was being threatened by Maxson. That man reported Maxson also described himself as a “Peckerwood” while making threatening cell phone texts to him.

In the criminal complaints, Assistant Blue Earth County Attorney Michael Hanson noted that peckerwood is a name used by white supremacist prison gangs. Hanson also noted that Maxson had spent time in prison.

“While these victims were not directly connected, they do have one similar trait,” Hanson said, while requesting a high bail for Maxson in July. “They’re African Americans. The state believes that is why they were targeted by the defendant.”

Can’t a racist smoke a little weed while soliciting campaigns funds for the Republican party?

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