Freestyle Friday


My good friend Joel turned me on to this song called “My White Friends” by Deuce Poppi. The song’s been out for awhile and maybe you’ve heard it, but I’m a little surprised this thing hasn’t gone viral:

OK, so it’s a terrible song, but it’s fun. Reminds me of a old school Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff — tongue in cheek, but altogether, harmless.



After about five months of significant eye problems, I finally found out the (possible) cause: my contacts. Long story short, I can’t wear my contacts for a week, so when a co-worker called on me to help substitute on his softball team last night, I knew I was in trouble having to wear glasses.

My box score for two games: 1-for-8 (single), run, 5 errors.

It gets worse. I started at shortstop, flubbed up, put myself in right field, dropped some pop-ups, and finally relegated myself to catcher the second game. We were getting walloped, but late in the game there was a play at the plate. The throw from left came in way off line and caromed off the backstop. I hustled to get it, turned and sprang toward home plate. The baserunner — who clearly played on like 5 traveling baseball teams per summer growing up — tip-toed around my tag, scored and led an eruption of laughter by his team. All I got was this:

Yeah, it’s not much to look at, but anyone who’s done this knows it sucks. Big time.



In observation of National Park(ing) Day, I’m riding my bike four miles through the rain to get to work. The plan is each of us at Fast Horse Inc. will arrive to work without driving. Throughout the day, we’ll be converting our parking lot to a green space. We’ve commissioned an artist to help repurpose neighborhood trash into a sculpture garden outside, where we’ll host our Warehouse District neighbors for an afternoon grill-out and lawn games.

I’ve said in the past I’m environmentally challenged. That remains the case, but this is a pretty cool cause that equates to me and my co-workers working outside half the day. Win.

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