Lady Gaga — Gay Rights Activist and Opportunist

If Michelle Obama is FLOTUS, is Lady Gaga FLOGR?

The gays have been good to pop artist Lady Gaga, and so in return, she’s become a frontline activist in the fight against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the controversial military policy which could be repealed this week.

On Monday, speaking before a crowd of hundreds in Portland, Maine, Gaga said:

“To the senate, to Americans, to Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, both of Maine, and Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts.  Equality is the prime rib of America. Equality is the prime rib of what we stand for as a nation. And I don’t get to enjoy the greatest cut of meat my country has to offer. Are you listening?”

Gaga also said:

“Doesn’t it seem to be that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is backwards? Doesn’t it seem to be based on the Constitution of the United States that we’re penalizing the wrong soldier? Doesn’t it seem to you that we should send home the straight soldier who hates the gay soldier? The straight soldier who has prejudice in his heart where the military asks him to hold our core American values … If you are not committed to perform with excellence as a U.S. soldier because you do not believe in full equality, then go home.”

I’ve written about DADT before, so I’d rather not go there. (It’s a complex issue with mostly grey area.) Let me angle this a bit differently: This was the latest in a series of brilliant calculations which have defined the young career of one Ms. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. I’ll battle anyone who says she’s the next Madonna — give her a decade before making that comparison — but like Madonna, she understands when to assert her political beliefs and how it will impact her base.

She couldn’t lose speaking out on this issue. I wonder if all the meat references came from being pitched an absolute meatball. She knocked it out of the park, buying herself more time on a career that passed 15 minutes long ago.

3 thoughts on “Lady Gaga — Gay Rights Activist and Opportunist

  1. It´s easy to make people have an opinion about a person they dont know because they dont know it and believe it true or false, and it´s too easy to make a monster just for fun, when he is in treatment and people should be more HUMAN…

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