Stewart, Colbert Rally for Sanity, Fear

The folks over at Comedy Central have offered some of the most compelling coverage the past few elections. While CNN integrated holograms into their broadcast for no apparent reason and FOX News participated in typical over-the-top doomsday rhetoric, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report actually provided some of the best coverage of the 2008 election.

Comedy Central seems to rise to the occasion every election season. This year, Jon Stewart is leading the way with The Rally to Restore Sanity, which not-so-subtly knocks Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally, which took place just last month.

The rally’s home page asks, “Who among us has not wanted to open their window and shout that at the top of their lungs?” The site also says the rally is intended for “the people who’ve been too busy to go to rallies, who actually have lives and families and jobs (or are looking for jobs) — not so much the Silent Majority as the Busy Majority. If we had to sum up the political view of our participants in a single sentence… we couldn’t. That’s sort of the point.”

Of course, Stephen Colbert can’t sit this one out. He’ll simultaneously host The March to Keep Fear Alive. From the march’s home page: “America, the Greatest Country God ever gave Man, was built on three bedrock principles: Freedom. Liberty. And Fear — that someone might take our Freedom and Liberty.”

Essentially, these events should turn out to be a sketch comedy on a grand scale — not unlike Beck’s meant-to-be-serious Restoring Honor rally.

I can’t help but think massive political protests/rallies/marches/shindigs/soirees have become arbitrary. We’ve got social media now, and sadly, a hashtag on Twitter goes a lot farther than 1,000,000 people standing united at the Lincoln Memorial. I admire the dedication, but the whole process is kind of antiquated.

I imagine that’s the point of Stewart’s and Colbert’s rallies. Two rallies on the same day at the same place with completely opposed agendas. I wish I could go. Are you going? If so, send me an e-mail ( and we can coordinate a guest post.

Here’s a question: If you were going to one of the rallies and you were going to make a sign, what would it say? Post it on Twitter with the hashtag #sanitysign. (That’s an ongoing hashtag right now – not my invention.)

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  1. In this day and age, it takes someone with “celebrity” status to be heard! And Stewart and Colbert are the people’s voice since no one else will listen to lowly colonists. I’ve jumped on their Twitter bandwagon, I’m not ashamed. Something has to be done about getting our country back and if it takes these two and Comedy Central, then let’s go for it!

  2. I wish I could go! I live in San Diego, so Washington DC is a bit far to go, not to mention unaffordable for someone who has been either unemployed or underemployed for the last 15 months! And I agree with your comment about how social media reaches so many more people … but it also reaches faceless people. How unifying and enjoyable it would be to be in a sea of like-minded individuals for a change. I work as a government contractor for the Navy now, having worked in biotech/pharma for the last dozen years or more. Talk about culture shock. All day long I am surrrounded by civil servants/retired military guys who watch our silent, close-captioned TVs here in the warehouse, tuned to Faux News, with the bland, mindless devotion of the hypnotized. I can’t even watch Glenn Beck with the sound off without wanting to throw something at the screen and yelling, “Get me the f*ck out of here!”. Jon Stewart is my reminder that out there, somewhere, there are people out there like me, and I would love to see them in person, just to know that they really exist.

  3. Sadly, I am in DC the week after the rally. But given the thrust of the event, I would almost be willing to change my plans just to go.

    Best sign ever: “I may disagree with you, but I’m pretty sure you’re not Hitler.” Classic Stewart oozing with common sense! :)

  4. I am going and I can’t wait. I cancelled a November trip to D.C. and rescheduled it for October just because of this. It’s going to be epic. Thanks for a great post!

  5. I’m gonna have to agree with you in saying that a rally is a thing of the past. It’s kind of sad really. It just reaffirms my belief that our technologically advanced ways to communicate are really keeping us further apart.

  6. I think you’re definitely right about marches being a bit passe. I grew up with letter-writing and marches as the main tools of choice but both seem a bit ineffectual these days…still, kudos to these two guys for just being sensible, and for giving us some black humour during dark times. I wish I could go!!

  7. I suspect it’ll be an epic fail – though to be sure there’ll be some sardonic excuses. I could of course be wrong, but I suspect that the turn-out will be more like Al Sharpton’s rally compared to Glenn Beck’s.

    A month’s notice to Glenn’s half-year? A smaller audience compared to Glenn’s combined TV and radio audiences? The miasma that has overtaken the left compared to the fire that has taken over the right?

    It is utterly telling that Generation Y gets their news from Comedy Central and thinks Jon Stewart is a reliable journalist/anchor/whatever.

    Go back to your video games, you’ll do the nation a lot more good.

    Stewart and Colbert have filed the papers, so their rallies are real.

    It’ll be interesting to see what the turn-out will be, as well as what is said, and what the grounds will look like afterwards. You can be sure that many on the right will be scrutinizing and recording the event.

    After Glenn Beck’s rally, great care was taken to keep the Mall clean, and they have photographic evidence comparing it to the aftermath of Obama’s inauguration and other “liberal” events. I’d be surprised if Stewart and Colbert can get their zombies to keep the lawn clean.

    • this response kind of speaks my mind – if the rally is just some huge political joke, why not watch it online after it’s over? why trash the mall and waste a day trying to figure out who’s funnier? it’s all fine and well to watch jon stewart and colbert for entertainment, and i know the funniest stuff is the stuff that’s actually true and happening (i learned that from SNL) but let’s get serious. people are busy, and should be doing better things with their money and time.

      • I don’t think it would be a waste by any means. When’s the last time a satirical news program held a rally in Washington D.C.?And it isn’t a competition to determine who is funnier. I think those who share the same sense of humor and viewpoints as Colbert and Stewart wouldn’t consider it to be a day wasted, and certainly don’t consider their programs to be purely entertainment–as several have said already, these shows are satirical, but they can sometimes (many times) report the news more accurately than “real” news stations. But for someone who sees these shows as strictly entertainment and doesn’t take the reporting seriously, I can understand why these rallies might seem trivial in that context.

    • Anyone else find it hilarious to see an old conservative dude using the term “epic fail”? Yeah, you’re down with the kids on that one.

      And please don’t insult fans of the show by calling them “zombies.” That’s just childish.

      • Your whole reply in childish and judgmental.
        Do you think using terms like “dude” and “down with it” suddenly cool?! Oh, yeah, and the fact that you like Stewart and Colbert definitely MUST make you cool. No wonder Stewart and Colbert are so popular. They mock everything and everyone, standing therefore for nobody or nothing. Their greatest “skills” are mockery, scorn, cynicism and filth. Perfect “heroes” for today’s generation.

  8. “I can’t help but think massive political protests/rallies/marches/shindigs/soirees have become arbitrary.”
    “I admire the dedication, but the whole process is kind of antiquated.”
    I don’t agree with your premise at all. The problem is the media. Every time a handful of tea-party-goers meets for coffee there’s CNN, Faux, or even NPR to report on their sweetener preference. However, when 200,000 anti-war activists show up in Washington, there’s barely a mention.

  9. @wadingacross, while I agree with the shorter notice to have an effect on turnout, I do doubt your assessment of the viewership of these shows. Quite a few zombies also follow Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and Mr. ‘No Spin’ zone. Those same zombies thought W was going to save the world.
    Perhaps rallies and letters seem antiquated but politicians notice them. They notice what issues receives phone calls, faxes and e-mails at their offices. If we choose to stand idly by, doing nothing, then our opinion does not count. If you want it to count, you have to say it to their office or at the ballot box.

    • I have criticisms of Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly too, as well as ‘W’.

      And to be honest, I don’t have cable – and really don’t watch tv, so I’m happily free of much of the tripe that passes for entertainment on tv.

      • It’s called the internet. I have watched a number of episodes of Glenn Beck’s tv show online. I also used to be a big Fox News watcher when I did have cable. And I listen to the radio a lot, listening quite a bit to Glenn Beck (as well as having read a couple of his books) and Bill O’Reilly when he had his radio show.

        Another words, I’m not just talking opinion out of my rear. I am actually basing my opinions on prior experiences directly related to what I talk about.

      • “And to be honest, I don’t have cable – and really don’t watch tv”

        “I have watched a number of episodes of Glenn Beck’s tv show online.”

        You’d make a lousy ventriloquist — both sides of your mouth are moving.

  10. They may be comedians, and not real newspeople, but an awful lot of the time… seems to me they’re right. Or at least, their observations about the absurdity of modern political coverage seem pretty spot on.

    Anyway, I’m going, and most of my friends in the area are. Have a couple friends flying/driving in from fairly far away, as well. Not sure what my sign will be, but I will be sure to pick up after myself *grin*

  11. “People who actually have kids and jobs?”

    First, it’s hilarious to see some pro-contraception liberal talking about “people who have kids”!

    Now, I can’t stand Glenn Beck. He’s too much of a mainstream sell out for my tastes, but a friend of mine–a hard working father of six with a high paying IT management job–went to the Glenn Beck rally. Hardly a “non-working” non-parent.

  12. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    I wish I could go to the rally, but unfortunately I’ll have to enjoy it from the comfort of the home I can’t afford to live in at the moment. It’ll be interesting, though, to see what the turn out is like and how it’s covered by the media.

    Ah, the media. Fox News may be one of the worse offenders, but everyone from your local anchors to CNN seem to present the news with an ever so subtle slant. And that’s not news, it’s bias. At least Stewart and Colbert have the excuse of being on Comedy Central, but even their comedy often uses far more intelligence, rationality, and accuracy than any news network these days. That’s pretty sad when a comedy show displays higher standards than “legitimate” journalists.


  13. There is nothing I would rather do more than go to these, but unfortunately I don’t have the ability to perform that kind of geographic mobility.
    I do think the point of these rallies is truly satirical. But even though it’s fake news doing fake rallies–it’s going to be so real.

  14. I really think Glenn Beck means well and a lot of Americans believe and agree with what he says. I think many Americans are fed up with what is going on in Washington and with Obama and his administration. That is where Glenn is coming from. You may not agree with him, but I do NOT agree with The Daily Show or Colbert, they may be funny, but their belittling of the seriousness of what Glenn Beck and the Tea Party and a lot of the Conservative movement is worried about with the President and the redistribution of wealth the give away of all the money that is not helping anything but breaking America is a serious topic, not paranoia. If it makes these people feel Good to meet with like minded people, why does it bother you, why do you call it old fashioned, when all you want to do is type on your computer, when they want to meet and talk with like minded people. Stop being a HATER!!!

    • Glenn Beck is no more a serious reporter of the news than Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. He’s in it for the money and he simply presses on different nerves. He’s as fake as a $3 bill. As to your comment about the redistribution of wealth – are you serious?! Look at the redistribution of wealth from the time Reagan took office to today. More and more wealth has been concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer people. More and more Americans are moving into poverty. The only ones screaming about the redistribution of wealth are the wealthy. No surprise there – they have the most to lose. They’re the ones branding Obama as a socialist. It’s interesting that when money flows from the poor to the rich, we call if capitalism and deem it good, and when it flows from the rich to the poor we call it socialism and deem it evil.

      The average annual income for all people (the world) in 2005 was between $7000 and $7800. Given that billions are forced to live on less than a $1 a day, $7000 looks pretty good. In the face of that, how does anyone in their right mind suggest that incomes of $300,00-400,000 don’t categorize someone as “rich?”

  15. I am hoping a road trip to D.C. for this rally will be my belated birthday present. *Crosses fingers.* I hope everyone who thinks it is time for the silent majority to be heard will follow your example and advertise this.

    Wadingacross said, “It is utterly telling that Generation Y gets their news from Comedy Central and thinks Jon Stewart is a reliable journalist/anchor/whatever. Go back to your video games, you’ll do the nation a lot more good.”

    I find it “utterly telling” that you are eager to disregard an entire generation with such an uniformed opinion. (But, I give you credit for admitting you pulled it out of your ass.)

    Besides being hilarious, Jon Stewart is a brilliant interviewer – lightening quick on his feet, always fair, and always armed with facts. If you don’t believe me, check out some of his interviews with the likes of Glen Beck – he nailed that blowhard to the wall with Beck’s own words. There is a good reason he was just voted .

    Unlike the propaganda peddlers at Fox News, he actually tells the truth when there is one, and doesn’t pretend that his opinions are any more than what they are. The brilliance of it is that both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report manage to be funny and informative. They rely on humor, rather than pandering to the fears of the uniformed to gain a viewership.

    • I was young once too, and stupid. Then I grew up. At about age 26 I realized I didn’t know squat, I wasn’t the center of the world, and the world was being led by self-centered garbage peddlers who called themselves tolerant, enlightened liberals.

      • I’m not exactly a spring chicken either (more along the lines of generation X), and while I am wiser now than I used to be, I have always been pretty damn smart. ;)

        Smart enough to know that the world isn’t being led by those “evil liberals”. Seriously?

        It isn’t even being led by the hypocritical, self-righteous right-wing (even though they have done plenty of damage over the past decade). It is actually being led and controlled by the 2% of the population that has more $ than the other 98% combined.

        The same 2% (which includes those who own Fox News), that encourages the fear producing propaganda that this particular network provides. As long as the working class is afraid and fighting amongst themselves over petty crap like this, we are kept busy enough to not notice that the American dream is dying and the distance between the classes is growing. They get richer, and the rest of us are left poorer and pissed off at each other.

        So there! *blows a raspberry* >:P

      • Well said, TimberInk. I just finished reading Nineteen Eighty-Four (reading alongside my daughter, who is Gen Y…I am Gen X, since some folks here feel the need to label Daily Show watchers). I was so stricken by the book. The illustration of how the powerful keep the powerless powerless–regardless of the model of government–perfection. Part of it was a constant level of fear and conflict. A daily Two Minutes Hate was programmed into the society in that particular story. Isn’t that what “news” is becoming? Hate the liberals because they want to take your freedom, guns, money, and Bible, while forcing you to believe in things that offend you and pay for people to be on welfare while you work hard. Hate the academics because they’re liberals in disguise. Hate gay people. Hate Muslims because they’re all terrorists. Hate people who use the phrase “social justice”. Hate the ACLU. Hate unions. Hate, hate, hate. All in one day on Fox News. Meanwhile, what’s happening that we aren’t paying attention to? It’s like a shell game that we can’t focus on because the con-man never shuts up. But the thought never even occurs to us that there’s probably no ball under those coconuts at all. Joke’s on us.

  16. I too wish I could go, so, so much!! For years the Daily show has been my preferred source for news. Jon Stewart is the coolest, funniest, smartest and sexiest man on television. If there were any way that I could get to the Rally to Restore Sanity, I would be there. I just hope it gets lots of press and lots of attendance.

  17. I wish I wasn’t one of those looking for a job…otherwise I would be there. I love Jon Stewart, and appreciate him for what he his. He is a commentator and a comedian. Not a serious journalist (something we are lacking these days. It’s hard to find a news source that doesn’t have a bias to it). I do use him as a “source” for news, only because sometimes the Daily Show provides my first insight into a story, then I go and find stories from “serious” journalists and continue my education on the topic. I admit that some in my generation don’t do that second step, and do use Stewart as a primary and only source of information. And his interviews are some of the best on television. I love when they have the “watch the entire interview online” tag. I get giddy!

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  19. I want to go soooo badly! Want to. Would love to. Can’t do it.

    It’s like Obama’s inauguration all over again…not BART accessible. Bummer!

    Still, love the idea…a kind of national sanity stock-check & roll call. Here, here!

  20. I think Stewart is, hands down, the most brilliant talent on television. Anyone can be a political hack on today’s “news” shows, just dodge the questions and shout louder than your opponent. But making people laugh, that’s tough.

    Whether twenty or twenty-thousand people show up, I’m certain he’ll make it funny (and, therfore, a success).

  21. Restoring sanity? I wish. I’m not sure anything can at this point. That said, I will go to Stewart’s rally. While Twitter may reach more people, real participation touches more people and inspires people into action. I’m not sure Twitter is capable of that. I’m proud that I was part of the Vietnam War protest era that brought a president down. Literally.

  22. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are much more qualified to speak for me and present news to me than anyone at Fox News (especially Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity). Actually there is no one I trust more as news correspondents. Behind their satire is truth, research and accuracy missing for other news sources or their shows would be a parody of “E! News” or “Entertainment Tonight”. “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” viewers are smart enough to know the difference between the satire of their shows verses the pandering of fear on Fox News to their, what I consider uninformed, viewers.

    I am 43 and in my lifetime I have never wanted to attend a rally because none were of any interest or represented ideals that represented me or my views. I wish so much I had the funds available to make this trip or I would be there myself! But as thorsaurus says, “Whether twenty or twenty-thousand people show up, I’m certain he’ll make it funny (and, therfore, a success).”

    • Just to play devils advocate, but could you cite hard instances where Fox News blatantly misrepresented a story? Or where they were wrong on an issue?

      • Interesting question, but I don’t think you could do that with any media outlet- since the sources of their information is largely obscure and often vague. Plus, they can, for the most part – say anything in good faith. First ammendment rights are a powerful thing.

      • Which is what I’m getting at; we disagree with various viewpoints or certain political leanings, or perhaps the presentation of certain facts.

        Basically it’s personal preference misinterpreted as “rightness.”

  23. Stewart, Colbert Rally for Sanity, Fear (via The Miller Times) | The Box of Thoughts

  24. “America, the Greatest Country God ever gave Man, was built on three bedrock principles: Freedom. Liberty. And Fear — that someone might take our Freedom and Liberty.”

    That’s actually the whole reason we have three parts to our government, a clear delineation between jurisdictions, the bill of rights (including the rights to free speech, to gather, to bear arms), checks and balances, veto power, term limits, and other things.

    Every American should on some level be afraid of dictators and tyranny. Not in the paralyzing sense of the word, but to be driven to act. To do what is necessary to keep one man or corporation or public entity from seizing to much power.

    Our founders left those very conditions to form “a more perfect union.” Washington himself turned down the offer to be crowned king of America. If anything unites us as American it should that desire to be free, and to be ever vigilante against anyone who would seek to shackle us.

  25. It’s brilliant and exactly we need in these times of hyper-partisan politics. The reason that Gen-Y’ers/Millennials (take your pick) are so drawn to Stewart and Colbert is that were tired of the partisan rhetoric and just want to have a calm discussion about the issues. It’s nearly impossible to accomplish that in today’s arena. Stewart/Colbert offer that outlet when none of the mainstream media will or can. Morning Joe is starting to tap into this logic, but I’m not sure if they’re going to succeed in bringing in the younger viewers like Stewart/Colbert do especially on a “mainstream” platform in MSNBC. The driving message that unifies Gen-Y’ers with these Stewart/Colbert is that “everyone else is stupid but us” – pretty appealing message for the “next greatest generation”.

  26. You young people give me hope! Even though you talk a lot of trash and sometimes say absoultely nothing to add to the discussion or debate you make the case for yourselves that you are paying attention!
    What we need right now is for all of you to ‘facebook, twitter, myspace and any other social medium’ what you demand from our leaders and some suggestions on how they can be achieved.
    Don’t continue to let your parents dictate and control what is to be your future without you being involved and able to express yourselves; whether your parents drink coffee, tea, coke, or beverages containing high fructose corn syrup!
    The time is now for your voices to be heard to fight the lunacy of the fringe who want to continue in the same direction that only benefits the wealthy in America.
    For example; Health Care Insurance Reform—we are the greatest nation on earth and yet it took two years to make changes that those opposed spent over 400 million dollars and counting to effect affordable health insurance. What if that money were spent to provide preventive care and medical care cost.
    I developed a proposal that allows us to go from a ‘donorship society to an ownership society and does not add to the national deficit called “UniCare”; which I’ve sent to N. Kassebaum, C. McCaskill, E. Cleaver, M. Bauccus, H. Reid, N. Pelosi and even the white house; just to name a few, (so much for listening to the public’s voices); if anyone of you out there is interested, let me know I’d love to share it with you in the hopes that you would make it go virtual ‘hit’ phenom, so that we can take this issue off the radar for good.
    It’s time to take off the gloves and get as many young people involved and engaged, just like it took your support to vote for ‘change’ we can believe in.

  27. First, I would like to say that the generalization of Stewart’s and Colbert’s audiences as Gen Y video game players who ought to have a motivating chat with their parents is inaccurate. I am 37 and my husband is 40. We watch these two shows without fail. So do many of our friends who exceed us in age. Please let’s accept the idea that there are people in the U.S. of many age groups who disagree with the Fox News take on things. Fox News does not represent the majority. Chronologically speaking, they represent Rupert Murdoch first and their viewers second.

    Secondly, if the critics on this thread watched the show, which they admit they do not, they would know that Stewart expresses disappointment with President Obama pretty frequently. Just this week, one of his comedians did a skit excoriating a union in Nevada. Not exactly liberal zombies.

    Third, it would be a better country if people who don’t know what they’re criticising kept they’re opinions to themselves. Or went to the trouble of educating themselves. Got curiosity?

    Like The Greatest Generation always said, “Look it up.”

    Handsome Matt, you asked for an example of willful inaccuracy or misrepresentation. I offer you the coverage of the funding of the mosque project at Ground Zero. Fox News anchors asked, ad nauseum, the leading question, “Where’s the money coming from? That’s what I want to know.” After priming the audience, they described the seemingly nefarious character bankrolling the mosque and implied that he was someone to fear…they even showed photographs of him. BUT they never said his name. Why? Because he is the second largest owner of their own network. This did not happen in one instance, in passing. It happened multiple times.

    I think that should suffice.

      • Thanks. It’s nice to hear that. Sincerely.

        No, one example is not enough to discredit an entire new agency. That’s an example of a syndrome. For example, has Fox News reported that the joint chief and all four chiefs favor repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? Don’t get me wrong…I don’t want to debate that. I’m just saying that it’s something important to know, regardless of which side you are on. I learned it on The Daily Show, which provided clips from C-Span…clips of Sen. McCain emphasizing the support of the chief of the Navy. That’s why people value the journalistic work of Stewart and Colbert as much as their comedic talents.

        In that same segment, Stewart heartily criticised the political maneuvering of Levin (D), McConnell (R), Reid (D), McCain (R), Collins (R), and Frist (retired, R). Later in the show, he said Summers must have resigned because he couldn’t respect President Obama for not firing him. I think it would be easy to make a case that The Daily Show is *actually* fair and balanced.

        If you’d like me to, I could track back some examples of inaccuracies on Fox. I don’t mind. I do feel, though, like there are better ways for me to spend my time…like following up the things I see on Stewart and Colbert to see whether I can verify them. I do that before I decide to accept them as true. Critical thinking. :)

      • What I was getting at is that all the “news” shows have their biases.

        Fox News just happens to exemplify a political position that you (most likely) disagree with.

        It’s the same reason I despise MSNBC, and stop watching CNN after about 12pm. Even the News Hour on PBS has become political(ish).

        While we want think Stewart and Colbert are these great news reporters, they aren’t. They’re satirists at best, and comedians at worst, who happen to deal in politics. Mocking George W. Bush’ intelligence a few years ago was funny, now we’re onto Joint Chiefs of Staff. They merely pander to the masses.

        None of them are necessarily wrong, we just disagree with them. Beck isn’t “wrong” and Stewart isn’t “right.”

      • I can see what you’re saying, and I agree that there is no such thing as objectivity.

        On the one hand, I’ll say this: We shouldn’t expect journalism from comedians…getting it is a bonus. A big bonus in the case of Stewart, because he does a good job considering that he isn’t a newsman. But we should expect journalism from news channels, particularly when they have 24 hours a day to get it done. When we have Megan Kelly dismissing mstandard measures of measuring economic performance because she disagrees with the conclusions and questioning whether there might not be some better way to figure the whole thing out…some empirical way of measuring economic performance…good lord. The very thing she was just talking about was exactly that…economists’ objective calculations, the same ones used for decades. Did they reflect what are all feeling? No. But as a journalist, she should know what she’s talking about. Then, to better express what she’s trying to say, she could go to and find alternate calculations of those measures. I’m not a journalist or an economist, I’m something else, but I just thought of that this very second.

        My point is, there is no effort to inform people, only to scare them and to insult everyone. I hear people saying that Stewart and Colbert mock everyone, but Megan Kelly in that bit mocked educated economists from Cambridge by using a Locust Valley Lockjaw “accent”. If you really watch Fox, there is constant mockery and namecalling and belittling. Try to imagine Walter Cronkite doing that.

        It’s one thing for comedians, but why do we accept these things from reporters? What happened to respectful discourse? Manners? Civility? It’s embarassing.

      • Agreed on Keith Olbermann. Exactly. Wolf Blitzer…something about his voice puts me in a coma. I don’t need to be entertained–seriously–but there’s something amiss with his voice modulation. Kills me.

        The line between reporting and editorializing has been permanently blurred and it does everyone a disservice. No one can form his or her own opinions if there’s no information with which to do it….HEY. I think I might have hit on something there. Whaddya think?

      • You are on too something! But it’s a cyclical problem. The best/simplest source for information is the news, but those news agencies are subject to sensationalism.

    • “[W]hy do we accept these things from reporters? What happened to respectful discourse? Manners? Civility? It’s embarassing.”

      That’s exactly how I feel watching Wolf Blitzer or Keith Olbermann!

  28. I’m from England, and we don’t get whatever the hell The Colbert Report is. But we do get the wonderful Daily Show and it’s a shame I can’t make it. I support Stewart’s campaign as America, certainly from our perspective, seems to have a lot of problems, many of which are exacerbated by Fox News and Glenn Beck’s consistent distortions of the truth (as the awesome Jimmy Carter put it). It is a shame that we won’t get to see the rally or any part of it in the UK unless broadcast on The Daily Show, but I applaud Stewart and wish him the best of luck. But knowing Stewart, his impressive rants at the state of America can be so heated and frustrating for him that that is probably what’ll give him a heart attack and kill him.

  29. I’m from England, and we don’t get whatever the hell The Colbert Report is. But we do get the wonderful Daily Show and it’s a shame I can’t make it. I support Stewart’s campaign as America, certainly from our perspective, seems to have a lot of problems, many of which are exacerbated by Fox News and Glenn Beck’s consistent distortions of the truth (as the awesome Jimmy Carter put it). It is a shame that we won’t get to see the rally or any part of it in the UK unless broadcast on The Daily Show, but I applaud Stewart and wish him the best of luck. But knowing Stewart, his impressive rants at the state of America can be so heated and frustrating for him that that is probably what’ll give him a heart attack and kill him.

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  31. I just wanted to say this back-and-forth over the past 24 hours has been awesome and I’m completely humbled by it. This is what blogging is all about – stirring dialogue. Thank you for reading/commenting, guys and girls.

  32. Thank goodness for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. This cat looks forward to reports from the Rally to Restore Sanity on Oct. 30, especially after Beck’s Nightmare in Washington event that coincided with Martin Luther King Jr.’s anniversary of his “I Have a Dream Speech”. What is sad is all the people who actually follow Beck. It is baffling…and disturbing. Why do people believe Beck who spews so much nastiness and lies about reality, history and politics?

  33. I may try and go, if I do, I’ll be sure to send some pictures. I’m 45 minutes away and I am super excited to stand outside, hold a sign and do absolutely nothing with my life for an hour or so. (Smile)

  34. Thanks to ‘sigh’ for the suggestion of moving to Prague. I have never been there but it looks nice. I would like to visit it one day, but I know I will never live there – I just can’t leave my beloved hometown of Middlesbrough. The Colbert Report did air briefly in the UK for about three months [on FX at 11:00 in early 2010 compared to a heavily censored Daily Show on More4 at 8:30; to which he’s done and advert for], but was pulled due to low ratings. I did catch a few episodes, but I wasn’t entirely taken in by Colbert’s show, unlike The Daily Show when it broadcast in the UK for the first time in 2005, which captured me immediately and I’ve been hooked ever since. It was probably because of Stewart, his unique, logical, and thoughtful views of the world have always been a delight to watch. Jon has become the voice of reason in an ever changing world, convoluted by the moronic Fox News and other ultra-conservative insanity. He is the right man to restore sanity, to me he’s one of the few sane people left in this world. His words easily resonate with people all over the world, but I do reiterate, I am worried about how frustrated he’s becoming with it all. In recent times, his comical but reasonable rants have become commonplace in an ever more relevant show, but lately he seems genuinely flustered with the state of things. I was worried his ‘big announcement’ meant an end to the Jon Stewart era of The Daily Show [Demitri Martin replacement, anyone?]. I thought with him taking more time off to be with his kids who he clearly loves and misses, and him getting increasingly stressed that he might blow a fuse and just walk away. I was wrong, gladly so, because he knows if he did that Fox News would win. Perhaps this rally is his turn to blow a fuse and let any steam evaporate – he needs it desperately. Maybe one day I will go Prague. But I don’t need to live there or anywhere like it to see The Colbert Report as well as The Daily Show because I know that even here in Middlesbrough, what these guys are doing is for the best. Keep it up Jon and Colbert – right now you’re the people’s champions.
    For when you feel like indulging in randomness

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