Vikings Fire Childress, Give Frazier the Keys … For Now

The Minnesota Vikings have fired Brad Childress after the head coach led the team to a 3-7 start despite entering the season as Super Bowl contenders.

I’m sad to see Childress go. Ultimately, players play, coaches coach and owners fire. In my opinion, the players hadn’t been keeping up their end of the bargain, so the hammer had to drop. This time, it fell on Chilly.

So long to the mustachioed one who was an absolute pleasure to work with while I was employed by the Vikings in 2006 and 2007. Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier has been named interim head coach for the remainder of the season.

Since blaming the head coach is so en vogue among Minnesota sports fans, I’ve started a new Twitter account – @fire_frazier. Follow along as I bash Frazier’s honorable attempt at successfully coaching a franchise doomed for failure and tumult.  And Los Angeles.

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