Review: V-MODA Vibrato Earphones Mix Style and Substance

V-MODA Vibrato earphones

I ask a lot of my earphones.

I ask they fit snugly as I klomp along on the treadmill. I ask them to not go kaput once drenched in sweat. I ask them to deliver deep bass and clear vocals without a trace of tinny feedback. I put my earphones through hell, so I gave up on the standard issue iPod earphones years ago.

In January, I purchased Apple’s deluxe earphones for $79.99. Like Apple’s standard version, they included an in-line remote and flamboyant white coating. The difference-maker was six replaceable plastic earbuds in three different sizes and solid playback. I purchased these earbuds during one of my running kicks. Unfortunately, they shorted a few times from my sweat until I eventually had them replaced when they were recalled in the spring.

The folks at V-MODA sent me a pair of their Vibrato earphones a few weeks ago. I’ve given them the same beating I did prior Apple earphones – treadmill, basketball, working out, the usual. Forget style – these earphones are tough. They retail at $129.99, but here’s what you get in the box:

  • Sport earhooks – reduce bouncing and cord noise when you’re active
  • Short clip – keeps the cord in place along your neckline
  • Silicone fittings – includes four sizes, and two pairs for each size
  • Carrying case – a stylish little pouch to hold all of the accessories

As with standard iPod/iPhone earphones, there’s an in-line remote and mic. Unlike Apple’s version, that remote and mic seem waterproof.

Another attractive feature: The cord is reinforced with Kevlar fabric instead of cheap plastic. This reduces tangling and cracking, the latter of which can be a real concern during these harsh Minnesota winters.

Whether you’re a runner, an audiophile or someone who’d rather not replace their earbuds every other month, the V-MODA Vibrato earphones mix style, durability and function.

2 thoughts on “Review: V-MODA Vibrato Earphones Mix Style and Substance

  1. They’re not waterproof, though they certainly seem like it. After almost a month of daily use while running/at the gym, it appears sweat has creeped into the remote somehow and is again causing my iPhone to randomly activate voice control, and I lose function of the remote and mic. Very frustrating.

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