The Final 48: Enjoying the Last Days Before Dog Ownership

Again, another stock image of a goldendoodle. We're not getting this one. But, hopefully you can see why we're doing this.

In just over 48 hours, life will never be the same. Not for the next decade or so, anyway.

My girlfriend and I are going to pick up our goldendoodle from Peever, S.D. on Saturday. Meanwhile, the planner I am, I’ve been thinking through every last preparation necessary before we bring this dog into our home — dog-proofing, if you will. I’m up at night thinking about cords and expensive rugs and where to put shoes and how to quit leaving all of my clothes on the bedroom floor. I realize I’m going to miss something. Probably a lot of things.

We found ourselves at O’Donovan’s Sunday night, sitting around a table with two other couples who happened to be dog owners. We heard stories about cuddling, new tricks and adorable behaviors. We were stories about pee, poop and vomit. We talked grooming, food and expensive visits to the veterinarian. There we were, listening like young parents-to-be, warned over and over that our lives were about to change, but assured that it’s worth it.

I can’t wait.

One of my co-workers, whose Boston terrier recently took a tumble down some stairs and needed a $3,500 surgery to repair a broken leg, just the other day asked, plainly, why now? Why do you want a dog?

I told him I was ready to invest in something that would give back; something a little more engaging than new shoes or a new Apple product. I wanted something that required work and dedication — like a hobby — but also, something that relied on me, and something I could care for.

There’s no way around the fact this dog is going to change our lifestyle. The next few days, I really want to savor the things one can have or do when one doesn’t own a dog. The problem is I don’t know what those things are. I realize travel becomes a seriously complex equation with a dog in the mix. And I realize there’s going to be expenses along the way that I could never imagine. Uninterrupted sleep? Does that become a thing of the past?

Whatever. We’re ready for it. Ready as anyone can be, anyway. Last night, I spent two hours watching goldendoodle videos on YouTube. So, yeah.  All I know is whenever I imagine our dog-to-be, I hear this song:

(Note: Clearly, as evidenced by the past few weeks on The Miller Times, I’m excited to write about the pitfalls and payoffs of dog ownership. I imagine Olive/Cooper — we haven’t decided a gender yet — will take on a starring role here, so forgive me in advance.)

3 thoughts on “The Final 48: Enjoying the Last Days Before Dog Ownership

  1. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. The key to having a well mannered dog is having a dog that is exercised regularly. Even a 20 minute walk after work will do the trick. It’s a pain in the winter, but it’s well worth it. That’s my advice.

  2. What Dan said. A good dog is a tired dog.

    By now you’ve probably realized one of the biggest perks of dog ownership: unconditional love. At the end of the day when my job’s gone badly, my kids hate me, my husband’s not speaking to me, my mother thinks I’m a terrible daughter and the neighbors whisper when I drive by–there are my dogs. Yes, we have two. One got too bored by herself. Two’s a pack.

    • The pooch has whining issues. Major whining issues. But every moment in between is so, so good. I’ve heard dogs will, over time, reflect the demeanor of their owners. I hope that’s the case, because Beth and I are just a little too low key for her liking right now. I’m looking at her doggy bed like if she’s not going to use, I will.

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