Save the Music — Get Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2

I’m not much of a Beatles fan. Give me The White Album, you can keep the rest.

The past few weeks, I’ve been working with the promotion of Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2, a compilation featuring 16 Beatles tracks re-imagined by Minnesota-born-or-based acts. The album features Soul Asylum, Mason Jennings, Meat Puppets and P.O.S., to name a few. The best part: All of the proceeds from the album go to Minnesota public school art and music programs.

Last year, Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 1 raised $25,000. With the state budget deficit hovering at $6 billion, many public schools are being forced to cut back or cut music and art programs altogether. That’s a shame, because now more than ever, students need the opportunity to be creative and exercise their imagination.

Music requires great discipline. That’s why I’m not surprised my youngest cousin, a senior saxophone player for the best high school marching band in the country, has tested off the charts and been admitted to Indiana University to pursue a career in medicine. Every student deserves the opportunity she’s had. We need to save music and art programs — now.

All right, stepping off the soapbox. MBP Vol. 2 is a great album, Beatles fan or not. Give it a spin here. If you buy it, know that the money is going to a great cause.

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