2010: A Pretty OK Year

The Miller Times will be out of commission for the next few days, so I wanted to write my obligatory year-end post today:

Beth and I on one of our trips to the Oregon Coast — one of my favorite memories from 2010.

I spent last New Year’s Eve in Minneapolis, hoping like hell I might be here again this New Year’s Eve. By then, my girlfriend and I were already telling people we were moving back, but we weren’t quite sure how or when. Soon, we hoped.

I remember flying back to Portland on Jan. 2, 2010. We took the MAX from the airport to our place and sat there silent, maybe mentioning the 50-degree weather was an improvement from the (-15) we left in the Twin Cities. I can’t speak for Beth, but I felt like I’d been blown off a mountain top. So happy to be in Minneapolis, then, back to Portland. Goddamn Portland. That was a low point.

I started The Miller Times in March of 2009, but sort of lost interest after awhile. However, in January, stuck in Portland, I thought blogging could be therapeutic, and if nothing else, Portland offered plenty of material. I started back up. Turned out The Miller Times was a great place to vent about Portland, since I felt like such a stranger in a strange land. I know the first few months came off pretty snarky and negative, but that’s where I was at — completely fed up and intolerant of my new city.

In time, I opened myself up to more positive experiences. I bought a Flip cam and started covering local events — the iPad release, the Nike Hoop Summit, the Portland Timbers. I started falling in love (again) with content creation, whether through writing, video or even podcasting. The Miller Times was my savior there for a while. It was also the lens through which I saw Portland. I still wanted to leave, but suddenly, the city was more enjoyable.

Here’s the thing: If it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t be in this office on the bottom unit of this duplex in this quiet neighborhood in Northeast Minneapolis, where I proudly keep a Minnesota driver’s license in my wallet and giddily await changing my area code to 612 next week.

My blog gave me initiative, not the other way around. I used it as a reason to try and learn new things. Without this blog, plain and simple, I never would’ve won the summer intern search at Fast Horse. Without this blog, I might still be in Portland, awaiting the right opportunity to move. I wouldn’t have a strained back from weeks of shoveling and I’d have a hell of a lot less trouble finding decent coffee, but tomorrow night — New Year’s Eve — I’d probably have just one resolution: Move to Minneapolis.

The Miller Times has received about 73,000 views in the past year or about 200 per day. I feel enormous guilt if a weekday goes by and I haven’t posted. So, as much as I’d like to credit my own dedication, the reality is I would’ve flamed out several months ago were it not for the kind, but crazy people who read The Miller Times on a daily basis. So, thank you to anyone who’s ever visited, commented, joined the Facebook page or told a friend about my blog. You make waking up an hour earlier worth it. Really.

I’ve never gone from being so unhappy to so ecstatic in the span of one year. 2010 was the year I found contentment and it started right here — 500 words per day for five days each week.

There’s a steady rain hitting my window right now. That’s not supposed to happen here in late December. It reminds me of Portland, and I’m happy to say the memories aren’t all bad.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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