Things That Are Awesome About South Dakota, Episode 1

This is the first in a series of posts dedicated to my home state, South Dakota. The population of South Dakota is just over 800,000 or roughly one quarter of the Twin Cities metro area. But, what South Dakota lacks in people, it makes up for with awesome. In my latest trip home, I remembered South Dakota is awesome because…

South Dakota Has Drive-Thru Liquor Stores

A Whopper value meal is one thing — a fifth of whiskey is quite another.

Considering the effort police across the country put into enforcing drunk driving laws, a drive-thru liquor store seems nothing short of counterintuitive. Then again, who walks to the liquor store? South Dakota’s liquor stores say, Hey, it’s cold out. You keep your F150 running and we’ll take your order at the window.

Thanks, South Dakota.

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