I Didn’t Almost Die in the Portland Terror Plot. Neither Did You

Over the weekend, I had this urge to write about the foiled terrorist plot in Portland, Ore. In case you’ve been stuck in a five-day tryptophan-induced coma, the FBI arrested Mohamed Osman Mohamud on Friday after he attempted to detonate a car bomb nearby Pioneer Courthouse Square, where a mass had gathered for the annual […]

Portland’s the Setting for New Comedy

While I’m still detoxing from the 11 months I lived in Portland, I’m happy to see the city is making something of itself — providing the backdrop for a new sketch comedy called Portlandia, coming soon to cable network IFC. Portland is a city full of archetypal weirdos, broadly painted with the hipster stroke. Under […]

Urban Agriculture Taking Off in Portland

Whether a result of the recession, increased awareness around food ethics or old fashioned environmentalism, urban agriculture is taking off across the country. That’s evident in Portland, Ore., where I’ve met several people who have taken their backyard operations to a new level. The idea is simple: If you don’t like how food is being […]

The Fuss Over Food in Portland

This morning, loyal TMT reader Joe Ashmore sent me a link today of Portland-area cuisine recommended by the good folks at Panic, a local firm that develops Mac software. The recommendations included: pizza tartufo bianco from Apizza Scholls, gnocchi at Nostrana and the sardine sandwich from Best Baguette. I’ve never tried these things. I’ll never […]