About Andrew Miller

I’m Andrew Miller, a 26-year-old consumer marketing associate, freelance journalist and frequent sports talk radio guest.

I was born in Sioux Falls, SD. I graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato with an English degree. I lived in Portland, Ore. for a year. (That was stupid.) I love the Minnesota Vikings and Twins, extreme weather, hoodies and Lemonheads.

The Miller Times is updated once every weekday. From time to time, I will run product reviews during the weekend.

For story ideas, questions, guest submissions or product reviews, e-mail me at atmiller14@gmail.com.


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(Original blog post removed)
“I never worked with T.I. Here’s the back story to that Wikipedia nugget: I was a guest on TRL and happened to get my hands on the list of goofy, un Andrew-Miller-like questions I was going to be asked before I walked on set. One of the questions was ‘Who do you like more, T.I. or [I forgot the other southern rap artist]?’ So I snuck to the bathroom and searched ‘T.I.’ on my Blackberry. I memorized as much information as I could and then announced that we were working together.”

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