Music for Morale: Joey Ryan & The Inks

Joey Ryan, as captain of the Augustana (S.D.) men’s basketball team, used to torch my beloved Minnesota State Mavericks. Imagine my surprise to find Ryan, a hell of a perimeter player, isĀ an evenĀ better musician. He’s the lead singer in Joey Ryan & the Inks. My understanding is these boys had quite the showing at South by Southwest this year. Understandable, considering infectious grooves like this one. Check out the rest of their album here.

Another Shameless Plug

You guys know by now I’m a total homer, so it’s only right I bring to you “Our Song,” the latest track released from The Spill Canvas’ upcoming EP, Realities. It’s a catchy little rock song and the hook seems to borrow the melody from Keith Urban’s “You’ll Think of Me.”

Nonetheless, these guys represent Sioux Falls, S.D. proudly. Roosevelt High School’s finest, ladies and gentlemen.

I’ll be covering their show in Portland, OR on Tuesday, April 27 at the Hawthorne Theater. Should be a good time.