My Blog Suffers Inferiority Complex

Blogger Neil Pasricha has received multiple awards, dozens of write-ups and even a book deal from his blog, 1000 Awesome Things. The Miller Times is incredibly jealous.

Blog envy is a very real thing and I’m experiencing it right now.

Neil Pasricha is the author of 1000 Awesome Things, where each day, Pasricha posts — you got it — something that’s clearly awesome. Said things are random, but everyday occurrences nonetheless. For instance:

  • #946 The first shower you take after not showering for a really long time
  • #824 Finding the TV remote after looking forever
  • #736 The smell of Play-Doh

The story goes Pasricha started the blog to have a more positive daily outlook on life. Since launching in June 2008, the blog has amassed nearly 16 million hits and even landed Pasrich a book deal.

Back to my blog envy: On this particular morning, I have nothing to write about. I’m waiting to hear back from Fast Horse Inc. to see if I’m a finalist for the summer intern search. If that’s the case, I’ll have some content on this bad boy.

In the meantime, I need to find that 16-million-hit idea that warps TMT into a book deal. Because let’s be honest — in its current form, that ain’t gonna happen.

Enjoy 1000 Awesome Things, and include “Discovering blogs by the praise of other jealous bloggers” to your own list of awesome things.