Selling my iPod…Getting an iPhone…

I’ve had it with BlackBerry and T-Mobile.

My second straight BlackBerry has prematurely gone down the crapper and T-Mobile hasn’t been any help. So, rather than buy another BlackBerry off eBay or buy one at full price (for nearly $400), I’m selling my iPod Touch — which I never use — to help pay off the $200 contract termination fee. My BlackBerry Pearl will probably be sacrificed via fireworks this July 4th.

This is the first time I’ve used eBay as a seller. It was quick and easy and I’m hoping I get some reasonable offers.

675169479_d50503fe65_mNow, on to the iPhone. Apple announced last week the entry-level iPhone 3G has been lowered from $299 to $99. It’s already the most impressive SmartPhone on the market. At $99, it should sell even more. The only hold-up, of course, is that AT&T still has exclusive rights to the iPhone. While I’m not exactly excited about having to switch carriers, I’m looking forward to using a quality program.

For the record, I’ve owned/purchased:

  • iBook G4 laptop computer ($1,000)
  • MacBook laptop computer ($1,500)
  • iPod mini ($200)
  • iPod nano ($200)
  • iPod Touch ($270)

It pains me to do the math, but after I get this iPhone, I’m hoping Steve Jobs & Co. put me on the Christmas card mailing list or maybe offer me a few stock shares.

R.I.P. BlackBerry 8700


This is my phone.

Or, it was my phone. The above-pictured BlackBerry 7900c wasn’t the flashiest of smartphones — no camera, no touch-screen, no music player. I got it last March mainly for the QWERTY keyboard because T9 nearly gave me seizures.

Two days ago, I started experience what’s called “the white screen of death.” Highly original name, right? First, “the blue screen of death” with Windows-based computers, then “the red ring of death” for the XBOX 360. This is BlackBerry’s take.

My one-year warranty dried up — you guessed it — two days ago. So, rather than contact the braintrust at T-Mobile and get roped into a two-year extension, I’m going to saarch for a new phone on eBay.

Has anyone else ever experienced “the white screen of death”? Did you find any solutions?