New Year’s Eve — Down for the Cause

New Year’s Eve generally splits people into two camps: those who love it and those who hate it. I find myself somewhere in between.

I love the idea of New Year’s Eve — the opportunity for renewal, the impetus to grow and improve, a chance to find closure. That’s all fine and good. It’s more the commercialized aspects that drives me bonkers.

Adults treat NYE like prom, minus the braces and acne. You can choose to make it a big production and spend hundreds of dollars on a party that’s guaranteed to plateau at midnight or stay home, watch the ball drop, and get a good night’s rest. (Mmm, sleep.) I can’t say one outcome is better than the other.

See, I worked at a bar several NYE celebrations in a row, and I was content with that. I wasn’t forced to pay ridiculous cover charges, didn’t need to buy new clothes or get a haircut or anything like that. Few people have it better than bartenders on NYE.

My girlfriend and I found something away from our living room, but it’s a good cause. We will be joining several friends to see Brother Ali perform at the Marriott City Center. I’ll let Ali explain:

The Best Albino Muslim Rapper Ever

So, it was a sober crowd and a lot of Abercrombie-wearing white kids, but Brother Ali came and rocked Minnesota State University tonight Mankato, MN. He’s definitely a throwback to classic MCs. Ali is on the road in promotion of his new EP, The Truth is Here, released on Minneapolis-based Rhymesayers Entertainment.

I recorded a couple clips from the show. Unfortunately, my battery died by the time he got to his a-cappellas, but here’s what I got:

I only stayed for about eight songs. I’m on a month-long detox, abstaining from alcohol and pop. Needless to say, without a few beers or even a few Rock Stars, it was hard to get in the concernt-going mood. Not to mention I spotted about six of my students with whom I teach 8 a.m. class tomorrow. Last thing I need are my students mocking my terrible dance moves.

Break Out Your Tape Recorders!


Here it is, in short: Busted up my right thumb yesterday playing basketball. Likely a bruise. Kinda hurts to type so I’ll probably bea little short the next few days, working with mainly links. Hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. That said…

Found some new music and I’ve had this playlist in heavy rotation:

There had been some rumors percolating around campus, but I guess it’s really true: Akon and Lil’ Jon are playing the Kato Ballroom in a few weeks. If you know anything about the Kato Ballroom, you realize how unlikely this show is. But, whatever works. I think I’ll be skipping that show.