Weekend Soundtrack: Kid Cudi

When Kid Cudi pairs up with MGMT, only good things can happen.

Yeah, Cudi’s the consummate pothead and can’t go a song without pushing his pro-weed agenda, but “Pursuit of Happiness”¬†features that big, whirling sound that made his debut album Man on the Moon: The End of Day a mainstay on every Top 100 list of 2009.

This song and album will improve your weekend by at least 13%.

Break Out Your Tape Recorders!


Here it is, in short: Busted up my right thumb yesterday playing basketball. Likely a bruise. Kinda hurts to type so I’ll probably bea little short the next few days, working with mainly links. Hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. That said…

Found some new music and I’ve had this playlist in heavy rotation:

There had been some rumors percolating around campus, but I guess it’s really true: Akon and Lil’ Jon are playing the Kato Ballroom in a few weeks. If you know anything about the Kato Ballroom, you realize how unlikely this show is. But, whatever works. I think I’ll be skipping that show.