His Name Was Colin — Here Are His Papers

It’s finally here! Well, almost. Portlandia, the new short-form comedy series on IFC debuts tomorrow night. However, the first episode has been posted on YouTube – fo’ free!

(The first episode was pulled from YouTube yesterday. Sorry.)

You won’t have to travel far on this here blog to happen upon my love-hate relationship with Portland. Just when I was starting to miss ol’ Stumptown — the coffee, the rain, the bridges — Portlandia smacked me back into reality, reminding me of all the goofballs and poseurs who damn near drove me berserk.

Portlandia: Portland Dream of the ’90s Video

This is exactly what I was writing about. Portlandia is a six-part original comedy short series premieres on IFC on Friday, January 21. I’m counting on creators Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein to nail the same absurdity that ran rampant while I was there.

Portland’s the Setting for New Comedy

Fred Armisen will star in Portlandia as a punk-rock chick. (So Portland.)

While I’m still detoxing from the 11 months I lived in Portland, I’m happy to see the city is making something of itself — providing the backdrop for a new sketch comedy called Portlandia, coming soon to cable network IFC.

Portland is a city full of archetypal weirdos, broadly painted with the hipster stroke. Under that umbrella, you can go anywhere, and Portlandia plans to. According to The Oregonian, “characters include the owners of a feminist book store, a militant bike messenger and a punk-rock couple (Fred Armisen plays the woman in the couple; Carrie Brownstein plays the man).”

Sounds authentic to me.

My hope is the show nails down Portland’s contrived counterculture, but also romanticizes some of its better aspects, like the omnipresent coffee shops, Powell’s World of Books and the food carts. As for all-vegan menus, Portland Timbers soccer and  provincial microbrew drinkers — it’s open season. Have at’em.


You know how I waxed poetic about Target Field yesterday? I entered to win four tickets for last night’s Twins-White Sox game through a local pizza shop, but a co-worker won instead. What did I miss? What some local sportswriters are calling The Shot Heard ‘Round the Warehouse District:

Of course, it’s even better watching the White Sox’s broadcasters go silent.

Very exciting sports day in Minneapolis yesterday. Today, Brett Favre is expected to announce he’s coming back to the Minnesota Vikings for another season. I’ll be on Nashville SportsRadio WNSR-AM with Jeff Thurn on Sports Xtra at 6:30 CDT. You can listen here.