Atmosphere at First Avenue on Nov. 28

Two firsts on Sunday night: My first Atmosphere show and my first show at legendary First Avenue.

The concert was gravy, because a few hours before the show, I stopped by Fifth Element to buy a shirt. Slug, Atmosphere’s emcee, was hanging out, talking merchandise with the store manager. I have no autograph or picture or cool story to tell. I said, “See you tonight, man.” He said, “Aw, cool, thanks.”

For just a moment, I felt like an 11-year-old girl. I’m rarely star-struck, but that was pretty damn cool.

Obligatory Atmosphere Plug

Minneapolis hip-hop outfit Atmosphere hit No. 1 last week with the release of its double EP, To All My Friends/Blood Makes the Blade Holy. How it is an independent hip-hop act from the Midwest did with a double EP that was barely promoted is beyond me, but nevertheless, I celebrated by snatching up tickets to their November 28 show at First Avenue. (Anyone else going?)

Fifth Element — the home base of Atmosphere and it’s record label, Rhymesayers Entertainment — posted three clips on YouTube last week, with the first two focusing on how Sean Daley (Slug) has grown as a writer and how the double EP came to be. The No. 1 spot may have been a fluke, but give Daley a few minutes and you’ll jump on the bandwagon:

The Best Albino Muslim Rapper Ever

So, it was a sober crowd and a lot of Abercrombie-wearing white kids, but Brother Ali came and rocked Minnesota State University tonight Mankato, MN. He’s definitely a throwback to classic MCs. Ali is on the road in promotion of his new EP, The Truth is Here, released on Minneapolis-based Rhymesayers Entertainment.

I recorded a couple clips from the show. Unfortunately, my battery died by the time he got to his a-cappellas, but here’s what I got:

I only stayed for about eight songs. I’m on a month-long detox, abstaining from alcohol and pop. Needless to say, without a few beers or even a few Rock Stars, it was hard to get in the concernt-going mood. Not to mention I spotted about six of my students with whom I teach 8 a.m. class tomorrow. Last thing I need are my students mocking my terrible dance moves.