Vacation to the Oregon Coast

You know you're getting old when going here is your idea of fun.

My girlfriend’s siblings have landed in Portland and I’m kicking off a much-needed four-day vacation. That means moderate blog neglect, but not without an update or two.

Joe, 25, and Emily, 20, will get to experience the Tillamook (OR) Cheese Factory this morning. That probably seems like the vacation from Hell — You’re going to love it here! We’re going to kick things off at the cheese factory!

The plan is to hit Tillamook this morning, take the 101 up the coast to Seaside and land there for the night. Altogether, it should be a good day. The idea is I want to ease them into Portland. No hipsters, homeless or homebrews until Friday, at least. Seeing them react to the city we so often rant about — I, so often write about — should be nothing short of interesting.

Best of luck to everyone involved in the TMT Tourney Challenge. Even if I blogged ad nauseum about something today, it wouldn’t matter. Any sensible person is frantically reviewing their brackets this morning and watching basketball all day. To the rest of you, I’ll post something tomorrow.